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PowerChat: Watch livestreams of your favorite creators, and use crypto to send highlighted messages during their stream. A great way for fans and creators to interact during live chat.

Anonymous donations: Not everyone likes their identity to be known. You don't need to create an account to use PowerChat. Just access your favorite creator's page and send as many PowerChat messages as you'd like with a choice of different cryptocurrencies!

Pledge: Set up monthly crypto donations for your favorite creators, and gain access to their exclusive members-only feeds.

Dollar based platforms take 10-30% of donations away from creators. Because we use cryptocurrency, we are able to charge close to 1%.


We never ask for access to your private key or take custody of any funds.


While the competition charges anywhere between 10-30%, we keep our fees close to 1%.

Free Speech

We believe strongly in the ideals of free speech. You will never be banned for your ideas.

Multiple currencies

Support your creators in your preferred currencies. Let us know if we don't support your preferred currency, we are adding new ones steadily. Right now we support BTC, BCH, and SmartCash.

Easy to use

Bitbacker was designed with the crypto novice in mind. Nothing would make us happier than to be your gateway into crypto!


We are at the crossroads of technology and social change. Creators and intellectuals are harnessing technology to prosper in unprecedented ways. Bitbacker is your front row seat.

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