Welcome to BitBacker, a platform where you may experience new technology paired with a modern way of completing your payments. We allow you to use cutting-edge technology to support creators on many platforms that are completely safe.
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If you choose us, you’ll see that the cost of completing your transaction is really modest.


We provide you with a safe payment gateway where you won’t have to think twice while making your payments.

Free Speech

With the option of free speech, you can control information worldwide on any social media platform.

Multiple Currencies

Support your creators in your preferred currencies. Let us know if we don’t support your preferred currency, we are adding new ones steadily. Right now we support BTC, BCH, and SmartCash.

Easy To Use

Bitbacker was designed with the crypto novice in mind. Nothing would make us happier than to be your gateway into crypto!

Discover, Support, & Engage Creators

Now you have the option of discovering through several payment choices where you may use your cryptocurrency to support and engage with creators and artists, which is good for promoting them and their work. Book your spot now to get started!


Watch livestreams of your favorite creators, and use crypto to send highlighted messages during their stream. A great way for fans and creators to interact during live chat.


Anonymous Donations

Favorite creator’s page and send as many PowerChat messages as you’d like with a choice of different cryptocurrencies!


Set up monthly crypto donations for your favorite creators, and gain access to their exclusive members-only feeds.

Guaranteed Security

Dollar based platforms take 10-30% of donations away from creators. Because we use cryptocurrency, we are able to charge close to 1%.


We are at the crossroads of technology and social change. Creators and intellectuals are harnessing technology to prosper in unprecedented ways. Bitbacker is your front row seat.

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