Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a crypto wallet to set up BitBacker?

You only need an email to sign up! We don't ever touch any of your funds so if you want to spend or recieve any money you will need your own wallet. was specifically designed to be non-custodial to maximize security for the user!

How does the payment process work?

When you wish to make a payment you will be provided with a QR code that you simply scan using your favorite crypto wallet. The quantity and recipient are autofilled for you. You will be prompted to confirm and send. Within a second or two you receive confirmation that everything went through! Now a major part is also the ability to make money for creators. For that, you simply go the the 'receive' tab in your favorite wallet, copy the address they provide and paste it into your wallet. We will route all payments to that address, directly into your wallet!

You started with BTC and BCH, but very recently added SmartCash. Can you tell me which currencies do you plan to add support for in the near future? Are there any currencies you don't plan to or cannot support at present?

Eventually we would like to support every active crypto currency out there. Preference will be given on 2 criteria (1) to those with well developed js libraries and an SPV client (electrum fork) (2) Community or foundation associated with the coin that is interested in supporting creators.

In the future, do you plan to offer support in languages other than English? Or do you see yourself focused on English-speaking creators for the time being?

We would love to be an international site. One of the great advantages of crypto is it's ability to cross borders. We will be looking to expand ASAP.

Does BitBacker allow people to donate in fiat currency?

No, but the donations are denominated in USD. We are thinking about adding support for a stable coin in the future as well.

You position yourself against censorship. With that in mind, do you have any explicit Community Guidelines or Terms of Service at present? If not, are you planning on doing so in the future?

We are working on getting an explicit one out in the next few days! It will be very short and extremely free speech friendly.

Is Bitbacker friendly to VPN and/or Tor users? Do you have any kind of logging policy beyond the publicly visible posts and content?

we don't discriminate against VPN or TOR. We have the default logging of apache2 in place which records ip address.