• https://beincrypto.com/japanese-banks-launch-digital-currency-without-a-blockchain/ I remember hearing rumors about the upcoming bank-backed "J Coin" a while ago, and I was very curious too see how corporate Japan (legendarily slow, inflexible, and risk averse) would handle a homegrown crypto project. Turns out the answer is, they won't. "J Cash" is just another electronic payment system..to be added to the top of the pile next to PayPay, WeChat, AliPay, LinePay, ApplePay, and all the others. I can't say I'm surprised, but I'm almost a little disappointed.

  • bloodbroli Tor network is supposed to have a crypto called onions but I haven't gotten a wallet that can store it or able to mine them :( tor is kindda my preference though http://kgg2m7yk5aybusll.onion/watch?v=366RAbkhw-E 10 months, 3 weeks ago
    japananon deeponion.org <-- is it this? I've never even heard of it before... I've heard of Monero full-nodes running via Hidden Service, and of course most blockchains can theoretically be tunneled through the Tor Network. But the idea of a cryptocurrency designed to function through Tor natively is a neat idea. That said, the PR people hyping it online a little...eh..enthusiastic, it seems. 10 months, 3 weeks ago