• Cryptochicks Hackathon & Conference - Part 2 https://youtube.com/watch?v=6_vwYn3u5DI Cryptochicks Hackathon & Conference CryptoChicks Hackathon and Conference is aimed to bring together the best artificial and blockchain experts, advisors, mentors and leaders. They aim to foster an environment of hacker and builders who can change the world! Also, they provide a new challenge for the participant enabling them to unlock new skills and create connections in a friendly, educational and fun environment. The venue of the event will be RBC Waterpark Place Auditorium, 88  Queens Quay W, Toronto, Ontario, Canada For The Website Links For the Hackathon and Conference https://cryptochicks.ca/hackathons/ https://www.toronto.cryptochicks.ca/ CryptoChicks.ca Email  [email protected]

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  • dalong Wish I could be there in Toronto with you have a great hackathon - Say Hi to Vitalik, Ben and Sophia for me - show them the (^_^)_\!/ three-finger sustainability symbol, they'll know what it is_\!/ DaLong (aka #sustainaclaus ) we're looking for "social impact" developers, marketers and citizens of ConscienceLAND from around the world... 9 months ago