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To the BitBacker Community: I need to talk to somebody with experience in the technical implementation side of blockchain software. I have a few questions for an investigation of sorts, and would appreciate outside help and input if anybody's willing. Thanks.

figured i would do some let's plays with the mods of my server, so here's the first episode:

To my anomalies : get your bitcoin wallet here at and be sure to watch the video just below this.

Sending all my love! #FreeRoss

Episode 51 - Dipping My Toe Into Daily Insanity I got beat with the stupid stick! I thought this was the perfect week to release a new episode every damned day! What was I thinking!? These will be short and to a very sharp point! TOPICS COVERED IN THIS EPISODE: Today will be first episode in an attempt to do a daily podcast. I figured I would dip my toe into daily episode insanity. There will be no guests this week, just me behind the mic, and talking into your ears. First up, a lot has happened since last episode featuring Pete Raymond. I am absolutely done with Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez. For me, it has reached the point where I feel like all the jocks in high school are picking on the kid with Down's syndrome. It isn't really funny anymore. I mean we get it, she's as economically illiterate as 99% of Americans. She says things that a 26 year old with barely any life experience would say. She is exactly the person you point to when you say things like "Get government away from schools!" Secondly, the government shut down (only partial) is still going on. Why is the news media trying to get me to feel bad for "non-essential" government employees missing a paycheck? It ain't working on this ginger! Kick rocks! I'm supposed to feel bad for people who do a lousy job and get paid in stolen funds? No, I don't think so. Homie don't play that! Lastly, I feel a great disturbance in the intersectional force. It was as if thousands of the phoney outrage tweets shouted out, and were suddenly deleted. Also, fuck you media for making me defend MAGA hat wearers! I mean, you only show a brief edited clip to make these misguided high schoolers look like dirty henchmen? Then, when the ENTIRE video surfaces, y'all delete your tweets demanding that these kids be found, physically harmed, or even killed? Then you wonder why the President calls you fake news? Seriously, delete your social media, you are a pox upon us all. SUBSCRIBE: iTunes: Stitcher: Google Play: SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL PODCASTER: (Please consider giving back if you find any value in this podcast! It would mean a lot! Thanks in advance!) BTC: 38aqRPuXHdnrH77rybBgTdAHAnxGUWJADa BCH: qrm3rpf72wymej7f5urh8yrc4p789ued8uzeuxjufh ETH: 0x6b8ABaF63aBD2AB1a7f1CF22C9a8A8C8931dE94C ETC: 0xF0E5fad530561fcf0Ec01bDC029FC969FAc8A92b LTC: MQtnjPYLDB9JyFzyX3zqxHEVBwqjvMsfj4 Buy shirts, and mugs! Fiat: SOCIAL MEDIA:

Crypto is a helluva drug! On this episode, I try my hand at vegan cookies for my friend Jessica.

Are all bitcoins created equal? Currencies work as if the tokens of money in circulation are interchangeable with one another. This fungibility means a dollar is always worth another dollar. Bitcoin is no different. However, money can also act like a unique asset. A coin’s rarity, age, or its easiness to spend can gain or lose it additional value. How should bitcoin be treated under capital gains tax? If you sell a bitcoin that you've had less than a year that has decreased in value, is that judged differently than a bitcoin you've owned since 2012 that has increased in value? In this video, I explain how if tax laws assess bitcoin as fungible it could mean paying higher taxes than if it’s a commodity. #bitcoin #regulation #tax #fungibility

Actors Explain Bitcoin While on set for a feature film shoot, I quizzed a few of my fellow actor friends to see how much a person outside of the crypto world knows about bitcoin. I loved their answers :) #bitcoin #blockchain #beginners #fun

Billy's Bitcoin Audio Book If you'd like to buy the paperback or kindle version of "Billy's Bitcoin", they're available here:

Hey everyone I just spoke to Jose from #eatbch they need our help. Even though it seems we are all divided right now the one thing I think we can all agree on is the fantastic work they do. We were helping so many people and with all this fighting we have lost sight of some of the great work we had been doing. Please consider donating. If you would like to verify the address you can go to their Twitter account which is @eatbch_ve-here is there address if you would like to donate pp8skudq3x5hzw8ew7vzsw8tn4k8wxsqsv0lt0mf3g Episode 19 - YouTube Star in Hong Kong promotes Bitcoin Cash Restaurant Join us as the Bitcoin Cash Meetup leaders from Hong Kong (Nia Fung & Mina) share about Bitcoin Cash Merchant adoption in Hong Kong! Topics include: -Starting the BCH Meetup in Hong Kong -Being introduced to Bitcoin Cash by Jake & Mike from Coinspice -Taylor R promotes Bitcoin Cash on her YouTube Channel -Visiting the Tokyo BCH meetup -Merchant adoption in Hong Kong Link to Hong Kong Video: Link to Talor's Video: Bitcoin Cast Bitbacker Page: Follow Nia on Twitter: Nia's Instagram: Theme Song Source:

wondering if this is THE 10th Amendment Center with Boldin and Maharrey.

MISSING - Poetry I am away, now i know what to say Before i was finding excuses, now it's turned into requests Idea of going away is not easy now, because i know why and feels how Time to convey the realisation, because i am standing on that position. For everyone loss is biggest pain, because unexpected pain arises like unexpected rain Lost leaves an essence that never back again, it can make us insane We have to tie up with memories, because this experience can be journey of centuries One question arises, why this happened to me, it's not about only us we have to see. Sometimes we remove people from our life without understanding, after removal process we know where we are standing Life is not removal process, please assess Life is addition, to attain predestined Fruition So, add more to your life's journey, hold mercy It's not about happy or sad journey, experience is ultimate key. Sudden appearance and disappearance happens, it hurts our imagines Exploration of cloud formation is my peaceful study, it expands my creativity But i miss the appearance of formations after disappearance, it born that missing experience Many sit for wishing, whenever they missing. STAY BLESSED. 🙂 This poetry first submitted on Steemit.

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Just a run down of some of the interesting #permaculture related things that came across my virtual office this week.

Luke Tatum joins me on the Culinary Libertarian podcast episode 18 to talk about how to anarchy. It is a scary word which simply means rules, not rulers. See the show notes at #anarchy #anarchocapitalism #voluntaryism #liberty

Israel Attacks Syria Twice In 24hrs, Yellow Vests Go Global & DHS Buses Leave Immigrants In Arizona

Activism Life Balance Viewer Submission - Today we discuss a viewer submission topic. Why are we trying to fix the state? Why dont we just leave and start our own thing? How much activism is too much? How do we balanced the risks of counter attack from the state? My 90 challenge for Changelings begins today! For the next 90 days I'm going to produce a Vlog detailing every aspect of Changelings leading up to the crowdfunding campaign on Steem's Fundition. Experience the highs, the lows and the in betweens.


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