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  • Good news, everyone. Should be some updates and forward movement on Bitbacker as a platform in the near future:

  • Send and Receive $BTC $LTC on whatsapp, Facebook, messenger, etc.

  • "The juxtaposition of rapid promotion obtainable by influence and the purchase of steps, with absolute stagnation in a low rank, ... , was appalling and monstrous." #military #history

  • US Files 17 Espionage Act Charges Against Assange & US Targets Venezuela Food Program With Sanctions #julianassange #wikileaks #pressfreedom #constitutionalrights #syria #iran #venezuela #clap #sanctions #propaganda #thedailywrapup

  • Media Monarchy plays Craig Leon, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Tim Hecker and more on #pumpupthavolume for #may23 2019. MP3/Notes/Links:

  • Fast harassment, crossbow cults and inappropriate behavior + this day in history w/Himmler's suicide and our song of the day by Violent Femmes on your #morningmonarchy for #may23 2019. MP3/Notes/Links:

  • Old friend her heart and soul used to make everyone warm 😊

  • Im getting old , nothing on my mind lol

  • Cool, ive worked out how to do the links to vids on youtube, but still trying to work out how to post photos of my unfinished progression of work...i wish i was born in the nineties, then id know, ill prob also know what a hashtag is too lol

  • Think 5g is safe? hmmm This opens the door to many questions that Oz Government would never answer publically, Is money and profit so important that Governments of the world ignore possible dangers? Government=Psychopaths?

  • Im thinking will the thought police come because i publically say how much irrelevant i think Government is? happened to this poor NZ bloke.

  • Hi everyone and anyone, this is a new space, im all thumbs and a greenie but will strive to work it out and start posting very soon, for anyone that would like to hear my voice. Peace 😊😊😊

  • ARE YOU IN THE BLOCKCHAIN / CRYPTO "Industry"? or ARE YOU SIMPLY INTERESTED IN SOCIAL JUSTICE / CLIMATE CRISIS / LOW CARBON ECONOMY? I've been writing about the amazing opportunities to be part of the new "Social Blockchain" movement of ConscienceLAND, the PLOTTING GAME, EARTHmobilization and ExtinctionSolution and how it’s changing your world and creating amazing opportunities for wealth creation - But I haven't seen any "FEEDBACK / ACTION / INTEREST / MOVEMENT / ACTIVITY" here... pretty much nothing on my Bitbacker account - so I totally forgot about this site - If you are interested in hearing more, make some kind of action on the page (following / comment?) so I know if I should invest any effort here.. (^_^) Cheeers, SustainaClaus #climatechange #climatecrisis #climatebreakdown #sdgs #sustainaclaus #extinctionrebellion #conscienceland

  • Going LIVE in a few minutes

  • في ١٨رمضان عرضت مجموعة من آخر اخبار ساحة الالعاب، والتي تهم اللاعبين جيمرز بشتى مستوياتهم. 🎮

  • The Square Cash App is The Top Finance App in the US Watch & Subscribe at There have been several indicators to back up that Bitcoin may be about to moon. Some people say that Square’s Cash App being the top rated finance app for iOS is one of them? Interested in the Cash app? Use my affiliate link and we both earn $5 for using the app. BitBlockBoom! - Take a look at the REAL Bitcoin Conference coming to Dallas, Texas at Enable & listen to future episodes on your ALEXA @ #BTC #bitcoin #crypto #virtualcurrency #cryptocurrency

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