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  • Still missing funds donated through the automated tiers pledge system on #bitbackerio #bch lost so far... Also, the hashtag #bch does not always seem to work here. #bitcoincash

  • DASH had a good model, to vote on projects and sponsored directly from their treasury. But they made one big mistake -- sponsoring already rich person such as Max Keiser in USA. The impact was minimal. For Bitcoin Cash #bitcoincash to succeed, small, garden variety people, should have the chance to try it, use it, send among themselves to thrive - building up a warm momentum. In Bali Indonesia, before the economic collapse of 1998, the rupiah was 2000 to 1 USD. Today, without any financial crisis (yet), it is 14 000 rupiah to 1 USD. That is 7 times depreciation. In Malaysia, it used to be 1 to 1 to the Singapore dollar. Today is is 3 ringgit to 1 Singapore dollar. 3 times depreciation. In Vietnam, just looking at the number of zeros, can tell a sad story. 1 USD is 22 000 Vietnam dong. Everytime I have a chance to meet some interesting, intelligent person willing to open up and talk about economics and life, I try to slot in the bitcoin angle. I have some Bitcoin Cash (green!) stickers, that I could give them, which means nothing if they discarded it. Have some small impact when they stick it on their bikes, or luggage bag. Sometimes I bring a 12-face dice, and play a quick game of Big or Small. (since "GIVING" free bitcoin sometimes create a fear and confusion, some people might assume you might come up with some trickery or manipulation - hence i stopped totally giving it "free"). I roll once. Then they roll once. If my number if bigger example 7, and their value rolled is 4, they can "pay" me 3000 rupiah (25 cents), and I send them 25 cents worth of Bitcoin Cash #bch-if their number is bigger than mine, example 4 and mine is 1, then I "give" them the difference 3000 rupiahs in Bitcoin Cash. So sometimes a simple non-complicated game, can get people riled up. Since they virtually lose nothing, and have equal chance of getting "free money" or "paying less" to get the Bitcoin Cash. With that, I have further a few minutes to explain to them the wallet, and storage. Then likely they will ask how to use it? And immediately, this spans further, inviting their next friend on Whatsapps or Line to download a wallet, and send the amount to the friend. The magic happens when the friend receives the "money" since it is denominated clearly in BCH and local currency or USD. Who doesn't feel wide-eyed when some "money arrives"?

  • ❗️❗️❗️ hati-hati dengan website palsu ( be careful with fake websites ) - Nik Hazim #BCH #bitcoincash #coinpay #business #bitcoincashforall

  • Bitcoin Cash with Amaury Séchet: rolling checkpoints, forks, and the history Bitcoin cash started with Amaury Séchet (@deadalnix). How and why he first coded it up is a really interesting story. Since then Bitcoin Cash has been embroiled in a lot of controversy, including the recent BSV fork, and the rolling checkpoints that were implemented to fight off 51% attacks. We talk about all of this, and why he's optimistic about BCH's future. #bitcoin #bitcoincash #bch #blockchain #bsv

  • Valentine's Day Special: Kevin Pham & BSV In case you missed it, here's my Valentine's Day special with Kevin Pham. Valentine's day is all about love, so Kevin Pham and I discuss his new love affair with BSV, why he switched to the BSV side, his former habits of twitter trolling and spreading toxicity, and why he's now all about spreading the love. #bitcoin #bsv #trolling #bch

  • What is Avalanche? I chat with Chris Pacia, lead developer of Open Bazaar and a BCH developer, about a pre-consensus method called Avalanche. The protocol has been applied to the Bchd full node implementation and the proof of concept officially running on the BCH mainnet. Chris Pacia explains how it all works. #bitcoin #bch #blockchain #cryptocurrency

  • New CashShuffle server v0.4.0 is now out with WebSocket support. This should allow web wallets to integrate shuffling features! #bch #privacy

  • Wormhole: hello and goodbye What is wormhole? I did this great livestream with Gabriel Cardona explaining wormhole as a way to implement smart contracts on bitcoin cash without changing consensus rules. Then as soon as we'd finished the stream, we discovered that Bitmain cut the entire wormhole division during their layoffs. We're still waiting for official word from Bitmain about the future of the wormhole project, but needless to say, this interview is now a relic of the past. He did provide a fascinating history of bitcoin itself, so I might excerpt that segment and make a new video :) #bch #bitcoin #blockchain #wormhole

  • Huge thank you to everyone who sent me a powerchat during today's live stream! ☺️☺️ What really happened during the Bitcoin Cash Fork? With Roger Ver Roger Ver talks about what really happened during the Bitcoin Cash Fork, the break with Craig Wright, open source and libertarian ideas, and what the future looks like now that the Bitcoin Cash camp has been divided. Thanks to everyone who tuned in via #bitcoincash #bch #bsv