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  • #50 is up and this time I got the opportunity to chat with Jonathan, the creator of @bitbacker meta.... #forgeliberty #bitbacker

  • Can someone explain the "Package Deals" feature on #bitbacker to me? Thank you : )

  • How to Use the Bitbacker PowerChat As Patreon deplatforms members and PayPal drops crowdfunding sites like SubscribeStar, one option people have to support their favorite content-creators is through the cryptocurrency-based In this video, I show you how to send crypto as a PowerChat on Bitbacker. #bitbacker #patreon #bitcoin #blockchain #tutorial

  • I Really want to encourage everyone to make a post telling the community about yourself and use #introduceyourself it doesn't have to be your first post, but if this tag becomes a Trending tag, new members will be faster to use this tag to tell us about themselves and I will be quick to spotlight these posts in each #bitbacker issue of #serfnews

  • HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone in #bitbacker

  • Creating a #bitbacker account... and where I learned about