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  • In this video, I sit down with Keith Mukai, creator of Escape QR, a single player 8bit game built on the Lightning Network. We discuss the game, Bitcoin Conference 2019 and the broader Cryptocurrency space. Be sure to subscribe to the channel and hit the bell so you don't miss an episode. Thank you! #bitcoin #lightningnetwork #bitcoin2019-you can find Escape QR at

  • Inventors of Bitcoin Technologies This year I had the great privilege of Emceeing Bitcoin 2019 in San Francisco, a fantastic conference with some incredible speakers. Adam Back and Scott Stornetta are two heavyweights who invented crucial technology at the heart of Bitcoin. Stornetta invented the early Blockchain, and Back invented HashCash with the Proof-of-work system. I set up an interview with the two of them for my channel to talk about their involvement in helping make Bitcoin possible. I was delighted that Bitcoin 2019 allowed me to host this conversation on the mainstage at the event. It was an honor to be a part of this discussion! #bitcoin #blockchain #crypto #bitcoin2019 #history