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  • My Crypto Chocolate Machine I have a chocolate dispenser that is activated whenever anyone sends crypto to a certain address. And it's the greatest thing ever. A year ago I found out about the Iozeta Crypto Candy machines when I interviewed Spencer Lambert. Actually I interviewed his chickens. They have a chicken pellet machine in their pen, and people can activate the dispenser and watch the chickens come flocking to be fed on a livestream. I thought that instead of a chicken-feeder, I should set up a Naomi-feeder. It is filled with chocolate. And 100% of all donations go towards making me incredibly happy. Buy the candy machines here: Feed Naomi chocolate by sending $5 to any of these addresses: BCH: bitcoincash:qr5ugznd02w9y2adujkq4rpu2x9t2phv0cfdj6v53m SMART: ST3U2fgy1tU9mVzNLH1sL3xUjrbPSZ2jUr DASH: XkV952F6AKNvjXtzHP9uAFV87bqk5dtEUb LTC: LWFtjDPvuiVT81caPVZmEb168YNHofcM7N (BTC currently not supported by Iozeta but they're working on using lightening with the tech) :) #crypto #blockchain #candy #chocolate #fun