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  • Craig Wright to forfeit crypto: "perjured himself" says judge A court document published yesterday says that Craig Wright must forfeit half his crypto mined prior to 2014 to Ira Kleiman as well as half his intellectual property. He is also ordered to pay the attorney’s fees and related expenses incurred in this motion. The court said that CSW "argued in bad faith", "perjured himself" and "admitted false evidence" during the motion. Katie Ananina attended all 3 days of the hearing, and provides insider details about what actually went on in court. She also provided brilliant coverage on her twitter of events in court, which got her in serious trouble at the court house. She reveals details of what happened. #bitcoin #blockchain #csw #bsv #cryptocurrency

  • Judge tells Craig Wright: “Not Credible”, "Forged docs" called into question Today a US Judge denied a request by Craig Wright to quash a lawsuit filed against him. Wright challenged the Southern District of Florida's jurisdiction over the lawsuit, but the judge threw out the motion. She stated that Wright “failed to provide any credible evidence." I go over the evidence that was called a "forgery" in court, and the judge's response. #bitcoin #bsv #blockchain #csw #news

  • Weekly crypto recap in 2 parts! With Chris Karabats and Kieren Mesquita Part 1: Craig Wright in court: Day 1 he throws evidence around and judge threatens to put him in handcuffs on the spot. Inventors of blockchain and PoW meet for first time (see video here: Libra to appear at 2 different hearings in the USA Meanwhile Switzerland not threatened Whitehouse talks about stopping end to end encryption New FATF travel ruling: all money sent to and from exchanges to be tracked Part 2: Blockchain for Israeli-Palestinian conflict Jamie Dimon: “Blockchain is real and I think competition is real.” JPMorgan coin to start customer trials Malta to Register All Rent Contracts on Blockchain Bitsane scam? Minnesota to ban crypto donations Snowden: “The lack of privacy is an existential threat to bitcoin. Is the only protection users have from political change,” Samourai adds coinjoin #bitcoin #blockchain #news #crypto #csw

  • Craig Wright hearing: live update Huge thanks to all the people live tweeting about the hearing! @thatcryptoguyyy @KatieAnanina @stephendpalley @PJM_Says @CarolinaBolado Craig Wright was asked to provide a list of all the bitcoin addresses he owns, and when he didn't comply he was ordered to appear physically in court to decide whether he would be held in contempt of court. I go over everyone's accounts of day 1 of the hearing, from CSW throwing papers around, to the judge threatening to put him in handcuffs on the spot. #bitcoin #blockchain #news #csw #satoshinakamoto

  • Judge threatens to hold Craig Wright in criminal contempt Everything you need to know about Kleiman v Wright! What is the case about? Breaking news: Motion to Compel CSW to provide list of bitcoin addresses GRANTED yesterday Judge Orders Craig Wright to Physically Appear in Florida Lawsuit Judge threatens to hold Craig Wright in criminal contempt Great tweet thread about the case: #bitcoin #blockchain #csw #bsv #cryptocurrency

  • BSV delisted from Binance and Shapeshift 3 hours ago Binance announced that it would delist BSV Soon afterwards, Shapeshift announced that they would follow suit and delist bsv within 48 hours The threat of delisting has been simmering for a few days, after CZ tweeted this 3 days ago: "Craig Wright is not Satoshi. Anymore of this sh!t, we delist!" It was in response to the bounty placed in Hodlonaut's head encouraging people to dox the account. There have also been many lawsuits coming from Craig Wright that many in the community disagreed with, and the response seems to be a mass movement of people coming together to ostracize bsv. As Erik Voorhees said, "Ironically both the real Satoshi and the fake Satoshi have brought us together" There is speculation that Kraken will also delist BSV, and we will keep you posted with any news on that. #bitcoin #bsv #csw #binance #shapeshift