Recent #education posts:

  • The Secret to Crypto Recruitment Teaching people about Bitcoin can be really difficult, as the founders of the University of Louisville Blockchain Club have found. I visited their campus in Kentucky and we discussed how many students there are hesitant to get involved with Bitcoin, and why. But they discovered a pretty great marketing tactic that has helped them reach out to more people. Thanks for chatting with me, Tucker and Brandon! UofL Blockchain twitter: #bitcoin #blockchain #education #interview

  • Radio Interview talking Bitcoin, with Sasha Hodder and Naomi Brockwell On UofL Today with Mark Hebert (93.9 FM) talking about bitcoin, the concerns that the IMF has, and why people still don't know too much about it. #bitcoin #blockchain #interview #regulation #education

  • Kennedy Financial Interviewed me with Chris Coney! I had a great time last week interviewed by Philip Kennedy of Kennedy Financial, alongside Chris Coney about censorship and why bitcoin is the answer. Here is the segment! Below are the links to Kennedy Financial, Philip puts out great live videos each week that you should definitely check out: WEB: YOUTUBE: Steemit: Dtube:!/c/philipkennedy DLive: Gab: Minds: BitChute: #bitcoin #blockchain #censorship #education