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  • The battle of Govt v. ICOs: EOS creator settles for $24million, KIK fights SEC Last week Kik announced it was closing down its app so that it can focus on fighting the SEC in court over the claim that their KIN token was an unregistered security: "Becoming a security would kill the usability of any cryptocurrency and set a dangerous precedent for the industry. So with the SEC working to characterize almost all cryptocurrencies as securities we made the decision to step forward and fight." Yesterday it was announced that EOS creator Block.One settled with the SEC and must pay $24 million in penalties for conducting an unregistered securities sale. “The SEC has simultaneously granted an important waiver so that will not be subject to certain ongoing restrictions that would usually apply with settlements of this type.” Ashe Oro and I discuss these 2 different cases, and what the future might hold for Kin and EOS, and what this means for ICOs in general #blockchain #securities #sec #regulation #eos

  • Are Everyone’s Worst Fears About EOS Proving True? Ashe Oro and I discuss recent concerns about EOS: Is it too centralized? Are too many entities that govern the chain in China, what is the risk of Chinese state intervention? Is the work of developers sustainable, and how can the current funding model be improved? Ashe and I separate the FUD from the legitimate concerns in this episode. We discuss the real hurdles that EOS is battling, and how the community hopes to overcome them. #eos #blockchain #decentralized #crypto #socialmedia

  • & Holistic Design Endorse this article on Dicentium SolarCoin and TreeCoin are the two cryptos that I have been watching the longest (other than #btc and am most excited about. I look forward to a time when design teams begin to understand the impacts of a rapidly changing climate & migration, the impacts of e-waste, and a rapidly warming climate where all the IT infrastructure by default heats up the atmosphere (like a military). But Prospectors, the Massive Multiplayer Online Real-Time Economic Strategy Game, soon to launch on #eos MainNet is the game I am so far most excited about and hopeful for. The game Prospectors is, however a good example of passed down institutional thinking that I think we as a culture and in particularly our work places, are growing out of. The designers created a great game mechanically and graphically, using decentralized technology is cool, and the global integrations (a very simple market and token). The experience of the game is in a natural and calm environment where the goal is to extract resources, waste time building things to build things, and do so in a centralized way to accumulate gold, which thankfully can be sold for#PGL, then eos. The opportunity for the game, using my Permaculture Hat, it to create an environment that more accurately reflects the game's innovative design elements in a couple ways. The game environment could be such where you were rewarded for producing resources instead of consuming them. Things like growing food, doing agroforestry, cleaning the ocean from plastics, replenish fish stocks in rivers etc. Resources, materials, and tools could be valued for their renewable, regenerative, and reusable properties, instead of their value being determined by their utilitarian use (need a shovel to dig a mine...). Prospectors is a pretty slick time based activity game though, which I usually don't enjoy, that perpetuates Old Narratives in a time where we should be listening for the voices that are thinking bigger in a small ways. In short I look forward to game environments, that instead of earning for extracting gold and labor from your minions, you earned for caring for the health of the avatar, capturing and storing resources for the other avatars in proximity (ie stake resources to build the network for the future), and sequestering carbon for the benefit of the entire game realm. You could even reset the game (like PubG) every year based on in game cooperative achieving of yearly variable climate targets. Check out Prospectors though it really is fun. The Transport feature for gold is super interesting, it acknowledges the maintenance inherent within human activities and society and from here there is great potential. One could even one day image a coloured Eos token coloured green, created by BPs who had positive carbon footprints, where staking rewards where passed on to non-profits and other community groups, migrating caravans, or displaced island nations. The Game is on the Jungle Testnet and hits main net in 2 days 12 hours and 34 minutes. Find the PGL token on newdex which I do own myself Massive Multiplayer Online Real-Time Economic Strategy Game This is just one way I feel Permaculture Design Study can help the eos ecosystem. #ernestgoestoblockchain

  • Crypto Parenting: Proof of Birth, 12 character baby names, and more! Some baby tips from CEO of Sense chat Crystal Rose Pierce: When choosing a baby name, the first thing to do is make sure it's 12 characters, which is the length of an EOS wallet address Get your baby involved early, ideally have her carry a crypto torch whilst still in utero Proof of Birth: Get her registered with a REAL identity on the blockchain, not one of these flimsy govt-issued identities Thanks so much for chatting with me, Crystal! And congratulations to you and Brock for the arrival of your beautiful baby daughter Aurora! #bitcoin #eos #blockchain #crypto #identity #proofofbirth

  • EOS Rex: How it can help you earn money How can you earn passive income on your EOS while it stays staked in your wallet? The REX (Resource Exchange) just launched on the EOS blockchain, which is a decentralized, smart contract marketplace that allows you to earn interest on your EOS by lending your unused resources to others in the form of CPU and NET ("bandwidth"). Ashe Oro, cofounder of chats to me about what this means for EOS users! #eos #crypto #blockchain #smartcontract

  • EOS just burned 35 million tokens! Moments ago EOS burned 35 million EOS tokens, valued at over $170mil USD. They are reducincing inflation by 80%, which is a dramatic move. Ashe Oro, cofounder of, talks with me about what this means for the EOS ecosystem. #crypto #eos #blockchain #inflation

  • Weekly Crypto Recap: EOS Ratings bombshell, crypto trading faked, and more! We cover all the latest news in crypto from the week, in partnership with! With @cryptoinsiderhq @zaphoid @stellabelle @maxsklar-weiss Ratings bombshell boosts EOS over Ethereum Bitwise says crypto trading faked DragonEx & CoinBene disclose hacks Coinbase to offer staking services A “DARK DAY FOR INTERNET FREEDOM” as Europe overhauls online copyright Brave browser recently endorsed by wikipedia co-founder 18th bitlicense in 5 years issued Ex-Enron CEO released from 14-year jail sentence, and is planning a crypto comeback Kraken beefs up security Binance's Initial Exchange Offerings, and new KYC and AML partnership Cool new art marketplace on EOS: Justin Sun gives away 2 teslas after community pushback First Canadian Town Approves Paying Taxes With Bitcoin #bitcoin #blockchain #news #livestream #eos

  • Totally getting this #eos platform figured out, if anyone would like a personalized walk through feel free to schedule an appointment with me.