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  • Folks ask me "So what can I DO, with crypto?" Here is one new innovation. I am a Constitutional Member of the eosDAC. A DAC, in this case, is a Decentralized Autonomous Community. It uses Proof of Stake and tokenomics to Self Govern as a Community. One of the things we DO as a community is participate as a team in BOID. Via the BOID app we pool together small amounts of computer resources to accomplish Citizen Science initiatives/research that requires super computing resources. BOID has its own crypto rewards and is a Social Supercomputer. As a team we provide resources to researchers in Medicine, Climatology, Astronomy, and Machine Learning. I generate a passive income and actively help to build the infrastructure that is providing important climate data to folks as the climate conditions rapidly change. Since I am completeing as a Team, with my eosDAC, as a team we earn additional rewards based on our collective performance. What is #eosdac ? What is BOID and Social Computing? My Boid Profile Https:// eosDAC Profile Help support my work and tell me what you would like to know more about.