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  • Weekly Community Focused #eosvirtualzine for Jan 8th, 2019 - Jan 19th was updated today and shared over Murmur, an EOS Micro-Blogging Dapp. Hours of fun and several community viewpoints all compiled together. Hours of fun if you haven't seen the videos yet. The Great thing about a Playlist is you can watch several smaller videos all as one, without interruption. Feel free to hit me up on Murmur @lotusdogpham Where I share timely news on Climate Adaptation, Permaculture Design, National Cannabis News, Local Food Systems, as well as Indigenous and Community Sovereignty. In, case folks were wondering why I am learning about the blockchain and testing use cases for small groups. It is pretty simple, you can now buy food with CryptoCurrency, you can shop on Amazon, and it is finally at a point where I can Leap-Frog the normal Users learning curve and explain what a blockchain protocol is as it becomes part of society. I am available to help folks learn the basics pretty much any time of the day. I tend to keep things simple, but if you want a slow space to learn about things and not feel rushed just Join the Discussion here in Telegram.