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  • "When we set this plant Free, we set ourselves FREE!" - rick simpson #FREEDOM #freedomnow #hempisfreedom #cannabisisfreedom #health

  • The Great Awakening #freedom #strength #spirituality

  • Weekly Crypto Recap: Assange, Hodlonaut vs CSW, and more! We cover all the news in crypto from the week! With Chris Karabats from Smartcash, brought to you by Crypto Insider! For more crypto news, visit! Assange's arrest: freedom of press in peril Assange receives nearly $30k in bitcoin donations since arrest Ecuador decided to give up Assange to British authorities, conviently timed with the IMF's decision to grant Ecuador a $4.2 Billion loan. #WeAreAllHodlonaut: with the CryptoInsider team, Vlad Costea and Blakely Jones Wright put a bounty on Hodlonaut's head for anyone who can dox them, and community responds in solidarity with Hodlonaut, with many changing their names and profile photos to match Hodlonaut's CZ threatens to delist BSV PewDiePie joins crypto: will stream exclusively on dLive, a platform on Lino Edan Yago joins us to discuss MakerDao, transparency issues, and increase in the Dai stability fee Constitution removed from EOS, and Moonlighting (a freelance job platform) moves its 700k users to EOS, we chat with Ashe Oro about . this Bitstamp granted bitlicense, while bittrex has theirs revoked #bitcoin #blockchain #news #freedom #censorship

  • did you know that on February 23rd, 2019 FREE SPEECH is Back on the 'NET!!? now, get on with thy DISSENTer! #dissent #dissenter #freespeech #freedom #freedomofspeech #iot

  • RIP Prince Leonard, Champion of Freedom RIP Prince Leonard of Hutt River, who passed away last week. In my latest video I tell the story of how The Principality of Hutt River -- this micro nation inside of Australia -- was formed, and the heroism of the amazing man who fought tyranny and won. He will be sorely missed. #freedom #australia #tyranny