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  • GoT (SPOILERS!!!) would Bitcoin have saved the day? WARNING: SPOILERS Let's be real, war is expensive. Without the ability to raise huge amounts of money through taxes, large-scale warfare becomes a lot more difficult. The amount of destruction caused by the wars in GoT required huge resources, and presumably the resources of all the people were leveraged through taxes to make this happen. What if they had Bitcoin? Would this scale of warfare have been possible if the money were protected? We're not sure this is a serious question, but we certainly discussed it in our GoT recap of the penultimate episode. At our GoT Blockchain Week celebration we had Crypto Brekkie, BitBoy, Crypto Euclid, Mystical Oaks, Will Pangman, Tone Vays, Chelsea Palmer, Young Dumb Crypto and more, and then we discussed the episode afterwards and all the implications that crypto might have for Westeros! #bitcoin #blockchain #got #gameofthrones