Recent #houdini posts:

  • finishing this took a lot longer than I had planned. Replacing my ramblings with intelligible audio can take quite a while. The fact that the weather has been very hot has only made matters worse. In any case this is the next phase with the stairs as I add sides to them and also add in banisters. #devlog #modelling #houdini

  • Here I add detail to the face of the scale character. This will allow me to have a generic character so that I can work on facial animation. I will also now have a base topology so that I can work on more detailed individual characters and character traits in texturing apps like zBrush. #devlog #modelling #houdini #time-lapse

  • In another devlog that aproaches eing a tutorial I cover the modelling of the basic stairs. these will be used to block out basic levels and the geometry will later be swapped out with a more detailed version. #devlog #houdini #game