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  • #introduceyourself after listening to naomi over the past few months I decided I should get in on this. My day to day world is not as crazy as the developing crypto world, but full is of its own characters and dark secret stories. I'm in the medicinal cannabis industry. I started as soon as it became legal in the state of Maine. It saved my life and I have seen it save many others. I'm here to share the process of running a nano sized cannabis company in a market that is increasingly filled with big moneyed interests. We are eyeing the recreational market if it ever comes about here in Maine. It was passed in 2016 but has not been enacted yet. Hope to come forward with some interesting content in the coming months. We are expanding our growing capacity and that has been very time consuming. Excited to be part of the growing censorship resistant community!

  • My Daughter and I started a Podcast about the wonderful world of family Board Gaming. It is called the "Catholic Board Gamer." #introduceyourself

  • I Really want to encourage everyone to make a post telling the community about yourself and use #introduceyourself it doesn't have to be your first post, but if this tag becomes a Trending tag, new members will be faster to use this tag to tell us about themselves and I will be quick to spotlight these posts in each #bitbacker issue of #serfnews