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  • This Week in Crypto! Ledgerx fake futures launch, senate hearing standouts, CSW vs Ver & more! Join Naomi Brockwell and Chris Karabats for the Weekly Crypto Recap! 3:53 LedgerX futures announced, then the CFTC announces they didn't actually have permission 13:10 FED cuts interest rates 24:22 Senate holds a hearing on cryptocurrencies in general: we share the major takeaway 39:37 The movement that Libra sparked: Walmart now following suit 45:14 CSW vs Ver lawsuit dismissed 48:24 South Korea declares regulation free crypto zone 54:04 Quadriga, Tether, Bitfinex: Quadriga saga continues, lawyers are the ultimate winner Tether/Bitfinex shares new information about their fight with the NYAG Tether used for moving money across Russia/China border The company that links Quadriga and bitfinex: we draw the links, and show you how the government is fighting the battle against crypto on all fronts 1:04:31 Open Bazaar launches awesome new app, Haven! Thanks to Anthony Monnerot and JR from Exciting World Cryptos for the superchats! Thanks to Nullus Maximus for the Minds Token! #bitcoin #crypto #ledgerx #news #blockchain