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  • Weekly Crypto Recap: Bitfinex tether coverup, Govt crypto surveillance, and more! Australian taxation office cracks down on crypto users Wash trading exposed in new report Fidelity released survey of 400 US institutional investors: - 22% already have exposure to digital assets - 47% view digital assets as having a place in their portfolios. Bitfinex commingling funds with Tether reserves: Bitfinex to launch $1billion token sale, Global Trading Solutions LLC suspected to be linked with bitfinex charges, Tether market peg stands strong CFTC chair: “The Commission anticipates new applications for clearinghouse registration resulting from the explosion of interest in cryptocurrencies; an area in which protection of the cryptocurrencies will be one of the highest risks.” Facebook Building Cryptocurrency-Based Payments System Washington State recognizes blockchain records as legally valid and enforceable Brave Browser reaches 1M monthly downloads EOS REX (resource exchange) was launched meaning all voting EOS token holders can get passive income EOS resources just got 95% cheaper for dapp developers Smartcash sister coin Bitcoin Confidential launches (More on Bitcoin Confidential here: Japan to Provide G20 With Crypto Guidance Btc goes back over 6000 #bitcoin #blockchain #news #livestream

  • Weekly Crypto Recap: EOS Ratings bombshell, crypto trading faked, and more! We cover all the latest news in crypto from the week, in partnership with! With @cryptoinsiderhq @zaphoid @stellabelle @maxsklar-weiss Ratings bombshell boosts EOS over Ethereum Bitwise says crypto trading faked DragonEx & CoinBene disclose hacks Coinbase to offer staking services A “DARK DAY FOR INTERNET FREEDOM” as Europe overhauls online copyright Brave browser recently endorsed by wikipedia co-founder 18th bitlicense in 5 years issued Ex-Enron CEO released from 14-year jail sentence, and is planning a crypto comeback Kraken beefs up security Binance's Initial Exchange Offerings, and new KYC and AML partnership Cool new art marketplace on EOS: Justin Sun gives away 2 teslas after community pushback First Canadian Town Approves Paying Taxes With Bitcoin #bitcoin #blockchain #news #livestream #eos

  • Weekly Crypto Recap: Yield Curves invert! Economic recession coming? In partnership with, with Zaphoid and DragonWolftech, here is the latest news in crypto from the week! Jack Dorsey is hiring 4 Bitcoin developers and 1 designer at Square Crypto Yield curves invert! Crisis coming? CoinMarketCap launches 2 Crypto Indices on Nasdaq, Bloomberg, Reuters North Korean Revolutionaries Turn to Crypto to Oust Kim Jong-un Bitcoin scammer steals $300,000 in Gold & Crypto Bitcoin and Ethereum Whales Move $103 Million in Crypto As BTC Briefly Crosses $4,100 IBM Signs 6 Banks to Issue Stablecoins (Using Stellar’s XLM Cryptocurrency) Jeff Garzik Subpoenaed Over Craig Wright’s Satoshi Claim (Wright in lawsuit with the late Dave Kleiman's brother) Binance now sells bitcoin at newsagents in Australia Casa rolls out “Faraday bags” for crypto wallets Tezos Completes First Ever Blockchain Vote Lightning Labs Releases ‘Loop’ Feature for Bitcoin Payments Channels Mt Gox Trustee Approves Creditor Claims, and mass sell-off could put Bitcoin fork prices at risk Alleged BTC-e Operator Seeks Extradition to Russia #bitcoin #blockchain #news #livestream #crypto

  • Weekly Crypto Recap: Tether teams up w/ Tron, Kraken $1billion in futures, & more! The latest news in crypto, brought to you by Crypto Insider! Twitter & Square CEO Jack Dorsey, bona fide Bitcoin advocate: Tron joins up with Tether to see USDT on Tron blockchain: Coinbase transitions Neutrino team members out: Economic historian once named as one of the most influential people in the world by TIME says he was wrong to dismiss Bitcoin Futures trading at Kraken - $1billion in first month Denver to pilot blockchain voting app in coming elections London Stock Exchange leads $20 million bet on blockchain to cut out custody middlemen Cashless ban to "protect the poor" in Philadelphia Etoro to finally launch in US, Coinbase competitor Which platforms have the most developers and things being built? #Bitcoin #blockchain #livestream #news

  • Weekly Crypto Recap: EOS "hack", Neutrino Coinbase controversy, and more! Today with Chris Karabats and Ashe Oro, we discuss the most important crypto news from the past week. Also really excited to announce I'm starting a partnership with Crypto Insider! More news to come! EOS hack: XRP listed on Coinbase Facebook crypto launch Market sees green and everyone goes wild Token amount of Money returned to Bitfinex by the Government Coinbase Neutrino controversy Lightning Torch update Quadriga update: Kraken offers 100k reward on any clues for finding the missing crypto Cryptopia update: amount of hack revealed Casa: sovereignty as a service HUGE thank you to @japananon @ivegotyourback and the cybercode twins for sending powerchats through and superchats through youtube for this video!!! #bitcoin #blockchain #news #livestream #hack

  • Weekly crypto recap: Brian Armstrong's tweetstorm on Quadriga, and Jesse Powell's response to CFTC comments I'll be joined by Sasha Hodder, Ashe Oro, and Chris Coney as we discuss all the latest crypto news from the week! Nevada passes terrible crypto bill, Caitlin Long gives us advice on what we should encourage legislators to do Strange ETH mining payout frozen Samsung announces galaxy s10 will have private crypto key storage 2 new ETF proposals Recap of Pierce vs karpelles in the battle for Mt Gox Elon Musk: "Bitcoin is brilliant" Brian Armstrong (And David Silver's) tweet storm re quadriga: Gladius Network, LLC who self-reported to the SEC as doing an unregistred sale of securities. They will be following the same path that Airfox and Paragon are required to follow. A review of the responses to the CFTC's request for information on ETH: (all comments) -- Jesse Powell said of Bruce Tupper's response: "Blatant reg. capture & rent seeking: "Regulations and oversight of the token markets should be imposed by the CFTC and the SEC. CoinRegTech is developing a digital asset trade repository that will record transactions and confirm ownership of tokens." -- CSW said he is SATOSHI #bitcoin #blockchain #crypto #news #livestream

  • State of the (Crypto) Union Turn up volume! (apologies for low sound) At Liberty Forum in New Hampshire this year I was thrilled to put together a panel with some awesome people, updating everyone on the "state of the (crypto) union". Featuring Preston Byrne (Law), Joël Valenzuela (Dash Force News), Jonathan Hales (Founder Bitbacker), Chris Pacia (Lead back end developer Open Bazaar), and Francois-René Rideau (co-founder Alacris) #bitcoin #blockchain #news #livestream #fsp

  • Weekly Crypto Recap - Big News from Venezuela Venezuela in the news a lot this week: Opposition leader declared interim president by Trump; Canada, Colombia, Brazil follow suit. Juan Guido "interim President" very anti Petro and pro Bitcoin. What does the future hold for the economy there and will it involve cryptocurrency? BIS study says that Bitcoins proof of work needs to be replaced Wyoming and Caitlin Long do it again with a Crypto Custody Bill for Banks Bitcoin ETF withdrawal blamed on shutdown 58% of us investors would prefer to invest in Bitcoin via an ETF? Ransomware locking up mining rigs in china Davos conference likes blockchain, doesn't like Bitcoin Mastercard fomed $650 by the EU for artifically raising costs of card payments Messari's claim on Ripples Market cap Check out Zaphoid's podcast: and Dustin's podcast: #livestream #bitcoin #news #blockchain #regulation