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  • I just spent over an hour decorating a Storefront Row House in Shroud of the Avatar. If you're interested to see what's its like then watch the video. Thanks. #indiegame #mmorpg #shroudoftheavatar #ultimaonline #richardgarriott

  • I love Star Trek and that's one of the reasons why I play Star Trek Online. If you love Star Trek as well and would like to give Star Trek Online a try then you might like to get a free Star Trek Online Key that will give you a USS Enterrpise as your ship in the game. #startrek #startrekonline #ussenterprise #gaming #mmorpg

  • Star Citizen is a really big game and it might take a decade or two before it's finished. If you are following the development of the game like me then here is a giveaway that will give you a chance to win either a Mustang Alpha or an Aurora MR Starter Packs. #starcitizen #mmorpg #gaming #giveaway