Recent #modelling posts:

  • finishing this took a lot longer than I had planned. Replacing my ramblings with intelligible audio can take quite a while. The fact that the weather has been very hot has only made matters worse. In any case this is the next phase with the stairs as I add sides to them and also add in banisters. #devlog #modelling #houdini

  • Here I add detail to the face of the scale character. This will allow me to have a generic character so that I can work on facial animation. I will also now have a base topology so that I can work on more detailed individual characters and character traits in texturing apps like zBrush. #devlog #modelling #houdini #time-lapse

  • This a time-lapse of a system I have been working on in order to allow me to layout levels more quickly. I need to get buildings to a workable state quickly so that I can work on game-play, environment as story elements. This system is based on creating rough floor plans lo allow me to quickly generate the geometry based off image maps. The system is hardly revolutionary but it does allow you to get scene elements of the correct scale (especially buildings) very quickly. #devlog #modelling #game #timelapse