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  • Updated #freeorion server Started user authentication with OTP via XMPP (no registration yet). The server send to XMPP MUC ( xmpp:[email protected] ) notification about started game and chat messages. #opensource #games

  • Updated #freeorion server The server disallows to take over eliminated empire ( and Notify players that eliminated empire finished its orders ( #opensource #games

  • Updated #freeorion server Player could only see other empires research if he researched it as well. Lobby freeze on loading saved game was fixed. #opensource #games

  • <img src=""/> Imbrex releases Tegula, an open source protocol designed to facilitate real estate listing and transaction data "interoperability, normalization, and standardization". The Tegula project appears to be tackling the problem of real estate data reliability, costs, and standardization using Ethereum, the Interplanetary File System, and OrbitDB. I can't begin to explain it as well as the developers can, so you can find more information on the Imbrex [blog]( This move continues to show us how businesses and whole industry sectors are acting on the realization that open source provides the ways and means to create the platforms they need. If real estate can adopt a decentralized and open source solution to doing business, how long will it be until we start seeing applications for building and maintaining roads? I bet not too long... #opensource #blockchain #realestate