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  • The Crypto Patreon Alternative The community has shown that we NEED a crypto alternative to Patreon. Too many people are being deplatformed, and payment providers have too much power. Crypto is censorship resistant, and is the obvious next step for those who believe in Freedom of Speech. Crypto-fuelled Patreon alternative "Bitbacker" was just acquired by Draper-backed startup "Flote". I chat with CEO Kingsley Edwards about how Flote is reimagining Social Media as we know it, and why censorship resistant money is important for content creators. Really exciting news for the Bitbacker community, and the crypto community at large!! will be launching very soon! More details to come :) #bitcoin #blockchain #censorship #patreon #crypto

  • How to Use the Bitbacker PowerChat As Patreon deplatforms members and PayPal drops crowdfunding sites like SubscribeStar, one option people have to support their favorite content-creators is through the cryptocurrency-based In this video, I show you how to send crypto as a PowerChat on Bitbacker. #bitbacker #patreon #bitcoin #blockchain #tutorial