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  • Recession Fears, CSW slammed by Judge, and Coinbase Loses Bank Account Weekly crypto recap, with Ashe Oro 2:25 Recession Fears on Wednesday when the Dow lost 800 points, and the S&P and Nasdaq both dropped 3%. Ominous signals in the bond market, and yield curves inverting add to the fear. Argentina faces biggest market drop since 1950 9:00 US Judge denied a request by Craig Wright to dismiss a lawsuit filed against him. He said that it was not under her jurisdiction, and she blasted back that his testimony has not been credible. 18:03 Coinbase loses banking relationship with Barclays, and delists zCash 38:48 Australia fines people using crypto retirement accounts 42:39 New IRS letters target crypto users 47:58 Bakkt Says It’s ‘Cleared to Launch’ Bitcoin Futures Next Month #bitcoin #blockchain #regulation #crypto #recession

  • Negative interest rates! What bitcoin means for the coming crash The world is headed towards negative interest rates, and bonds are in a bubble. What does this mean for Bitcoin? Chatting with Ashe Oro about crypto's role in the coming crash! #bitcoin #blockchain #economics #recession #regulation