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  • Radio Interview talking Bitcoin, with Sasha Hodder and Naomi Brockwell On UofL Today with Mark Hebert (93.9 FM) talking about bitcoin, the concerns that the IMF has, and why people still don't know too much about it. #bitcoin #blockchain #interview #regulation #education

  • Can bitcoin and regulation coexist? Recently I was invited to speak at the Center for Free Enterprise at the University of Louisville, and so I thought that it would be a great place for crypto attorney Sasha Hodder and myself to discuss the beginnings of bitcoin and the current regulatory environment. I see the framework of the discussion as Bitcoin vs Govt, and would love to know what you think of the issue! Huge thank you to the Center for Free Enterprise for having us, we had such a wonderful time! #bitcoin #blockchain #regulation #government #surveillance

  • Breaking news from Wyoming! There's hope for Bitcoin With Caitlin Long, cofounder of the Wyoming Blockchain Coalition The first interview Caitlin did immediately after the news of some very important bills passing in Wyoming. Amazing work being done in Wyoming, huge congratulations to Caitlin and her team for paving the way for crypto adoption and showing the world what crypto regulation should look like! Call to action: Here are the 2 bills that Caitlin says viewers should send to their state representatives & senators to ask them to enact: (1) utility tokens aren't securities (2) direct property rights in digital assets #bitcoin #blockchain #regulation #sec #wyoming

  • Weekly Crypto Recap: lightning torch, quadriga, and more! Today I'm joined by Chris Coney @chrisconeyint and Chris Karabats @zaphoid to discuss all the latest news from the week: Fantastic new Wyoming bill passes that recognizes clear direct property rights for digital assets Quadriga saga continues, after exchange CEO dies and takes with him the only copy of the private keys Lightning torch passed around and Jack Dorsey CEO of Twitter voices support of lightning JPMorgan coin: why we should be worried Venezuela remittance fees on bitcoin Argentinian public transport accepts bitcoin Sec updates coinbase releases BSV tokens for BCH holders, pays bounty for the discovery of a critical bug, and backs up private keys on google drive Latest ETF updates #bitcoin #news #blockchain #regulation

  • Weekly Crypto Recap - Big News from Venezuela Venezuela in the news a lot this week: Opposition leader declared interim president by Trump; Canada, Colombia, Brazil follow suit. Juan Guido "interim President" very anti Petro and pro Bitcoin. What does the future hold for the economy there and will it involve cryptocurrency? BIS study says that Bitcoins proof of work needs to be replaced Wyoming and Caitlin Long do it again with a Crypto Custody Bill for Banks Bitcoin ETF withdrawal blamed on shutdown 58% of us investors would prefer to invest in Bitcoin via an ETF? Ransomware locking up mining rigs in china Davos conference likes blockchain, doesn't like Bitcoin Mastercard fomed $650 by the EU for artifically raising costs of card payments Messari's claim on Ripples Market cap Check out Zaphoid's podcast: and Dustin's podcast: #livestream #bitcoin #news #blockchain #regulation

  • Are all bitcoins created equal? Currencies work as if the tokens of money in circulation are interchangeable with one another. This fungibility means a dollar is always worth another dollar. Bitcoin is no different. However, money can also act like a unique asset. A coin’s rarity, age, or its easiness to spend can gain or lose it additional value. How should bitcoin be treated under capital gains tax? If you sell a bitcoin that you've had less than a year that has decreased in value, is that judged differently than a bitcoin you've owned since 2012 that has increased in value? In this video, I explain how if tax laws assess bitcoin as fungible it could mean paying higher taxes than if it’s a commodity. #bitcoin #regulation #tax #fungibility

  • Can Biohacking Save Lives? Dr. Josiah Zayner is a global leader in the BioHacker movement, constantly pushing the boundaries of Science outside traditional environments. We talk about the awesome work he's doing, and how biohacking could save lives. Zayner is the founder of The ODIN, a company that believes the future is going to be dominated by genetic engineering, and that consumer genetic design will be a big part of that. They create kits and tools that allow anyone to make unique and usable organisms at home or in a lab or anywhere. Zayner started BioHacking during his Ph.D. in Molecular Biophysics at the University of Chicago, creating The Chromochord in his apartment, the world’s first musical instrument that uses engineered protein nanotechnology. After his Ph.D., Josiah received a prestigious fellowship to work with NASA's Synthetic Biology program, engineering bacteria to help terraform Mars. Now he is the Founder and CEO of The ODIN. Josiah has a number of Scientific publications and awards for his work in protein and genetic engineering and is also recipient of Art awards for creating Speculative Science works that have been featured in museums across the world, including NY MoMA PS1. His work has been featured in Time, Scientific American, Popular Science, Businessweek, The Verge and NPR, among many others. He enjoys Whiskey and Red Bull, sometimes together. You can find his personal blog at #science #geneticengineering #biohacking #regulation #tech