Recent #scam posts:

  • NEW SCAM: They're targeting YOU! I sent an undercover NBTV correspondent to check out the NYC location of a new scam targeting MY YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBERS! Some subscribers told me they've been chatting with me at my "new email address" "[email protected]"; I DO NOT own this email address! I outline how the scam works, but moral of the story is BE REALLY CAREFUL, and if you're unsure of anything please reach out to me on twitter at @naomibrockwell-many thanks for the friends who tipped me off about the scam, and to my undercover NBTV agent! #bitcoin #blockchain #trading #scam #fraud

  • Scams: follow up video response I got a lot of engagement for my last video about overusing the word scam in crypto, so here is a follow up video. In essence, the word scam has a specific meaning, and simply not liking a project doesn’t make it a scam. Let’s continue to call out scams, to call out s**tcoins, and not confuse the two. Looking forward to continuing the conversation! #blockchain #bitcoin #crypto #scam

  • Is "Scam" the new witch hunt? We need to talk about the word "Scam". There are a lot of scams in crypto, and we need to call them out. What is not helpful, however, is calling everything a scam. #Blockchain #crypto #scam