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  • The battle of Govt v. ICOs: EOS creator settles for $24million, KIK fights SEC Last week Kik announced it was closing down its app so that it can focus on fighting the SEC in court over the claim that their KIN token was an unregistered security: "Becoming a security would kill the usability of any cryptocurrency and set a dangerous precedent for the industry. So with the SEC working to characterize almost all cryptocurrencies as securities we made the decision to step forward and fight." Yesterday it was announced that EOS creator Block.One settled with the SEC and must pay $24 million in penalties for conducting an unregistered securities sale. “The SEC has simultaneously granted an important waiver so that will not be subject to certain ongoing restrictions that would usually apply with settlements of this type.” Ashe Oro and I discuss these 2 different cases, and what the future might hold for Kin and EOS, and what this means for ICOs in general #blockchain #securities #sec #regulation #eos

  • Securities Sidetable The Satoshi Roundtable is often unnecessarily shrouded in mystery. It's a major conference event in the crypto space, where industry experts are invited to come together to network, discuss how to solve problems, and talk crypto. In Spring there was a spinoff event called the Sidetable, which focused on Securities. Satoshi Roundtable host Bruce Fenton discusses his takeaways from the event. Be sure to subscribe to the new cypherstreet channel that Bruce and I just launched! #bitcoin #roundtable #crypto #blockchain #securities

  • Nov 16, 2018 - The #sec published statements that said, (1) #ico ’s issued after the July 25, 2017 #dao warning, who meet the #howey Test definition of an Investment Contract should register now, and offer Investors a claim form to refund their investment, should the investors choose, after becoming more educated on the investment by reading the detailed disclosure statements that should have been provided before the investment was made; (2) #hedge funds investing in ICO #securities should have registered as Investment Companies; and (3) #exchanges are never going to be considered #decentralized and should be registered as National Securities Exchanges or Alternative Trading Systems.