Recent #security posts:

  • In this brief presentation, we look at Man In The Middle Attacks also known as MITM. This video is intended for those new to online safety and security but I hope old hats will like it as well. Cyber Security has many facets but we all have to start somewhere. For more information on Man In The Middle Attacks please go to the following links: Entry: Man-in-the-middle attack: What Is a Man-in-the-Middle Attack? Security Jargon Explained #cybersecurity #maninthemiddleattack #privacy #security

  • A world with no police? With Pete "Mance" Raymond At Liberty Forum this year, I chatted with Pete 'Mance' Raymond, the "Free Man Beyond the Wall". We talked about ways that people can be more free today, and what the world would look like with private police. If you don't listen to Pete's podcast, you definitely need to start: #libertarian #security #police #privacy

  • Where Should You Store Your Private Keys Is storing your private key in a bank's locked box hypocrisy? Not necessarily. While cryptocurrencies have put the power of our finances back in our hands, it's up to us to make sure those funds are protected, stored, and backed up. I run through some of the securest ways to store your private keys. #bitcoin #blockchain #security