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  • Inside Shapeshift: Regulators catching up to crypto A special behind the scenes look at ShapeShift, how they're navigating the changing regulatory environment, and what they think is going to happen in crypto's future. I chat with the Jon the COO and Michael the Head of Security at ShapeShift, and they explain how lack of clarity from government has affected them and others in the crypto industry. We also talk about ShapeShift in the early days, how markets have changed since those days, and also how their platform has evolved into something much more than a crypto exchange. #bitcoin #blockchain #crypto #regulation #shapeshift

  • Exclusive Walkthrough of New ShapeShift, with CEO Erik Voorhees Today ShapeShift launched their brand new platform: a really exciting, holistic crypto platform that is non-custodial. I chat with CEO Erik Voorhees and he walks me through all of the awesome new features you can expect from the new ShapeShift. We also talk about what Snowden has said about ShapeShift, about regulatory pressure, and how ShapeShift has navigated the ever-changing regulatory environment of crypto. Check out the new ShapeShift at! #bitcoin #blockchain #crypto #news #shapeshift

  • BSV delisted from Binance and Shapeshift 3 hours ago Binance announced that it would delist BSV Soon afterwards, Shapeshift announced that they would follow suit and delist bsv within 48 hours The threat of delisting has been simmering for a few days, after CZ tweeted this 3 days ago: "Craig Wright is not Satoshi. Anymore of this sh!t, we delist!" It was in response to the bounty placed in Hodlonaut's head encouraging people to dox the account. There have also been many lawsuits coming from Craig Wright that many in the community disagreed with, and the response seems to be a mass movement of people coming together to ostracize bsv. As Erik Voorhees said, "Ironically both the real Satoshi and the fake Satoshi have brought us together" There is speculation that Kraken will also delist BSV, and we will keep you posted with any news on that. #bitcoin #bsv #csw #binance #shapeshift