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  • After claiming my free Vulcan T'Pau Scout Ship T6, I went and take a quick look at the new starship. This starship is a very small science starship with good acceleration, turn rate and resistances but I still like my Intel Assault Cruiser. #startrek #startrekonline #gaming #pcgaming #scifi

  • I just claimed the Vulcan T'Pau Scout Ship T6 in Star Trek Online. It took me 15 days and 15 daily missions from Q, the Omega Molecule Stabilization, and two Mirror of Discover missions, Para Pacem and Illusion of Communication. #startrek #startrekonline #gaming #sto

  • I love Star Trek and that's one of the reasons why I play Star Trek Online. If you love Star Trek as well and would like to give Star Trek Online a try then you might like to get a free Star Trek Online Key that will give you a USS Enterrpise as your ship in the game. #startrek #startrekonline #ussenterprise #gaming #mmorpg