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  • The evolution of technology in timekeeping, with Jeffrey Tucker AIER Author's Corner, with Naomi Brockwell Jeffrey Tucker, editorial director at AIER, has written some great articles on the technology of clocks, the social implications of more precision in timekeeping, and the consequences of using smartphones as timekeeping devices in the world of surveillance. We talk about his articles and how a strict sense of time has changed our world. #technology #clocks #industrialrevolution #time

  • Good morning BitBackers #Blockchain & #cryptocurrency | Take Charge Of Your Future #tcoyf by #morneolivier for #passivecryptoincome #pci-i never use to like gaming, my kids where forever hogging my Laptop to play and if not on the Laptop you could not get them away from their Phones. Recently this changed, I discovered #enjin-whoooh what a Company of forward-thinking Dev's. They must have seen a few years ago how the Blockchain will change #technology today. They started developing a Cryptocurrency wallet for gamers that could hold their #collectables instantly swap Mint them for #enj and Trade Swap it through #kyber Tech, to a Bullish Crypto and make some more. These day I'm scanning away at Multiverse QR Codes to collect as much ENJ as I can for playing the #multiverse Games and Mint later when the Collectables ENJ worth rises. Interested? Go read my article on Enjin and their amazing Wallet. Till next time, Cheers Morne

  • Blockchain & Cryptocurrency | Take charge of your future! This is my Motto on my Twitter handle and I thought I'd start off with this as my Profile here. I believe we are all here to do just that, take charge of our financial futures. If you are diligent, creative and passionate about finding out about #blockchain #cryptocurrency #technology then join me as I start with the basics on What is it going to do for you & I? Why do you & I need it? Where can you & I use it? You can Also follow me on my Blog