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  • No Lunch with Justin Sun & Warren Buffett! What happened? Tomorrow was meant to be the well publicized $4.5 million lunch between Warren Buffett and Tron CEO Justin Sun (including other prominent members of the crypto community), but it was postponed because apparently Sun has kidney stones. Meanwhile many other allegations about Sun were reported by various major Chinese news outlets, including money laundering and facilitating online gambling amongst other things. What's the real story? Why was the lunch put off? Naymoji goes over all the theories that the internet has come up with. #bitcoin #blockchain #tron #crypto #news

  • What would I say to Warren Buffett at Justin Sun's lunch? Justin Sun bid 4.6 million dollars in a charity auction to have lunch with Warren Buffett. He said that he did it to support the Glide Foundation, because he's a longtime fan of Warren Buffett, and also because he wants to help be a bridge between traditional finance and crypto. He announced he will invite 7 blockchain industry leaders to the lunch with him. Buffett is a longtime Bitcoin skeptic, and has famously referred to Bitcoin as "Rat Poison Squared". What would I say to Warren Buffett if I were invited to the lunch? What would you say? #bitcoin #blockchain #tron #warrenbuffett