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  • Weekly Crypto Recap: Trump "not a fan" of bitcoin, Tron's offices overrun, and MTgox news! This week's Crypto Recap, with Chris Karabats aka @zaphoid of Smartcash: Trump "not a fan" of bitcoin, tweets about volatility and supremacy of USD: Fed Chair Jerome Powell compares bitcoin to Gold, but wary of both Bitcoin and Libra Protestors set fire to house of alleged Ponzi Schemer in South Africa Trezor Vulnerabilities exposed Fortress wants to buy MtGox claims for $900 per bitcoin Tron's Beijing Office overrun with protestors who were duped by a Tron-Lookalike-Scam site Bitpoint Exchange in Japan hacked for $32 Million Poland’s second-largest crypto exchange "Bitmarket" shuts down citing "loss of liquidity" NYAG continues battle with Bitfinex, saying it served NY customers longer than it claims Litecoin becomes the official crypto of the Miami Dolphins #bitcoin #blockchain #crypto #news #trump

  • Trump tweets about Bitcoin: "Not a fan" Trump tweeted about Bitcoin this evening, mentioning that he doesn't believe it's money, and that it's volatile and created out of thin air. Caitlin Long had a great response to him on twitter. I talk about the great points she raised, and also about why Trump shouldn't be scared of competition if he believes in USD so strongly. #bitcoin #trump

  • Time Traveling Trumps (Recently deleted on Youtube)!/v/ Is Donald J. #trump a Time Traveller? An American journalist makes some interesting claims. Especially interesting: Youtube just deleted this 6 month old video this week, as it was about to hit 100.000 views. Apparently the Channel "Conspiracy Videos" was deleted as well. Some facts: - Uncle of Trump had a look at hidden documents of Nicola Tesla - Donald Trump refered to himself as John some years ago - Simpsons Series could predict the future Theory: - Did Trump used the knowledge of his uncle to travel through time, maybe as "John Titor" Free your mind. Watch the video. What is your opinion on this?