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  • Hello everyone! I'm Monica and i'm happy to see a platform like this, an alternative to patreon that supports crypto.. really, really nice. I hope everything will work just fine.. and congratulations to those who had the initiative ! About me... i like lines, dots, colors.. ..i like drawing. Since i can't post pictures right now ( or i just not figure out how to do it ) i leave my instagram page. #welcome #art #drawing #stippling #ink #abstract

  • #welcome-hola This is Buzz Litecoin aka Lite Tyson aka Suge Lite aka Lite Turner aka Kimbo Lite. I am a Litecoin Enthusiast that make videos on the topic of financial freedom. Please check out my content. Links below: Bit.Tube: Instagram: Patreon: Twitter: Web: YouTube:

  • Hi, i am Torsten, sorry about my english, i try my best... I am a Social Worker, Mentalhealth Professionell & Advocate, a Digital Artist, Counselor Coach & Mentor, a Scanner and Polymath, an introvertierte and a high sensitiv Person and i now depression by myself... I needed a lot of years to bring this to a point :-) I am 54 years old and live in Hamburg, Germany, together with me wife and my two daughters. After my recovery from depressiv i reduced my time at work in a community service for people with mental illness to a minimum, because my energy system is not so good. I started to use the free time to build a work system with digital art and learning a lot of about passive income, like designing T-Shirts with my nature nature photography. For me it is a private project, to show, that it is possible to recover from mental illness and building an own small business or an digital lifedesign entrepreneurship. I like to design concepts, counseling, mentorship and consulting to help other people with mental illness, for recovery and empowerment. I feel very deep, that this is my passion from the heart. But i feel, that it is not easy for my health to work longer in an Institution, where the inviroment is growing more working with less time and more clients, and building my social entrepreneurship with heart, Innovation, in a spiritual and holistic way. When i have enough time and rest for me, i love it to create and work at my projects, to help others and myself. And that is the reason why i ask you for help at this place. If you like it to see some of my work you can find something here: Instagram ( My photography and poetry ) : Spreadshirt ( my Shirt-design ): My new main page ( About mental health and Lifedesign Entrepreneurship ): Thank you very much for every small or bigger help to empower me and other people with mental illness :-) #welcome #mentalhealth #empowerment #entrepreneurship #socialentrepreneurship #blockchain #depression #mentalillness #recovery

  • Hello everyone! I am a german youtuber, babywearing educator and mom of two beautiful girls. I make videos about babywearing and other baby-related topics. Just added a #bitcoin and #smartcash address. I would appreciate the option to add a #dash adress too though! Thanks for your support! #welcome

  • Testing out the platform functionality here, but I'm hopeful it'll work well. I'm curious though, does pledging require storing crypto on a bitbacker wallet? Are monthly payments automated? #welcome