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Nothing yet... lol That text doesn't disappear when you click on it? How wonky :) This seems like a proper bio, supposing that it can be long. - - Weku Affiliate link - - YouTube - BitChute - Minds - -

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  • $ Off-Topic Not Allowed? I've been using Smoke the same way that I use the other social networks sites I've been testing. I was informed on my last post that that's maybe not a good idea, per the Community Guildlines But, I don't see anything prohibiting the creation of "off-topic" content... and why is there even such a topic, then? What will happen if I continue posting here on Off-Topic? Will my account be banned? Disabled? Why wouldn't the Smoke community welcome more stuff and topics than just marijuana? I'm going to look for the contact stuff and talk with the founders or customer support of this site. On Smoke Weku ello Yours Cent Minds Memo

16 Interconneected Social Networks: Yours, Sola, CastBox (Audio/Podcast w/ pause&linking), Steemit, Honest, Cent, Weku, Smoke, ello,, Keyport, CastBox,ello, Minds, BitBacker, Chaturbate, Pornhub, Memo [Yours](, Sola, CastBox (Audio/Podcast w/ pause&linking), [Steemit](broadcast error), [Honest](, [Cent](, [Weku](, [Smoke](, [ello](, [Minds](, BitBacker, [Chaturbate](, Pornhub, Memo [Hi. Two Questions - 1. Is this site a clone of Weku? 2. Smoking Violation Of TOS?](

In starting the book, [The Bullet Method](, I found, to my surprise, that # Penguin supports copyright. <i>(And in researching for this post, that [there's an Audible version too](; [but maybe kindle suits you best](</i> ![image]( ![image]( I'm going to look into whether I'd want to Contact Penguin Random House Phone: 212-572-2232 Emails: -1) B2B@penguinrandomhouse -2) [Facebook](, [Twitter](, [Google +](, [Tumblr](, [Contact Us 1](, [Contact Us 2](, [Contact Us 3](, [Permissions](, [Find offices]( and send them this post and/or one drafted with a personalized response to any struggles they might be facing, advocate for [Copyleft](, [Creative Commons](, and social networks that use peer-to-peer micropayments, such as: 1. [Cent](, where you could have readers choose between what stories they'd like you to write next - and both you and they make money from it (it might be on Ethereum, but it doesn't <i>have</i> to be), 2. [Steemit](, the first and famous one, much like Bitcoin BTC, but which ultimately (I think) might not be ideal, especially given the long payout structure, 3. [Honest](, currently my favorite long-form writing one, that I use alongside 4. [Memo]( to "Tweet" the longform title with a link, or talk with others about anything, though often the news surrounding crypto, and 5. [Weku]( - [which has a referral program - (sign up with this link)](, <i>(I left the esteem app to log in to Weku via an app where I'd saved the password, and the pictures and text saved when I came back, even though the app had to reload! Such a relief! Take note, forgetful fellow writers in want of the "draft saved" feature saving you a headache.)</i> as the new way for authors to make more money, give customers an enhanced experience, and increase sales. Penguin, [Your News could be earning on Cent, Honest, Yours, or Steemit]( I start on eSteem if I'm taking a picture - such as that copyright one that surprised me - and, using Trello, putting links into the proper format <i>(that was the first time I saw that (I wonder if at some point people would claim the Mandela Effect of it?))</i>; Memo if I just have [a short thought or idea I want to blurt]( (like people do on Twitter, right); honest if [I have]( something [in mind]( that [I want]( to write or [want to do]( research [for]( Memo [conversations]( I copied this article from 1. ([Steemit]( to [Weku]([hyperlinking via markdown + image worked], 2. ([Yours](, [Cent](, [Honest]([hyperlinking via highlighting & image format revision], 3. ([ello](, [Minds]([no hyperlinking], 4. (Bitbacker, and finally Memo)[no hyperlinking or editing]. I updated and shortened the screenshots without needing to press "SAVE" once: ![image]( ![image]( That was the original title I had in mind. I wanted to make a really short URL to put with it on Memo. I guess not. So, I made

Gillette: The Falling Monopoly Also on: Cent Honest Yours Steemit Weku ello Minds Memo Prodded by a video by [Disenthrall](, [bobymicjohn]( [argues that]( "taking a political stance almost never harms a companies sales"; "[Gillette's monopoly](" - "[no it's not](" - "[as close to a Monopoly]( as possible" - "[on men's razors]( isn't going anywhere any time soon, no matter what political stance they take." Interesting. Is Gillette a monopoly? "**[This has nothing to do with design.](**" "This excellent Quora thread:" "[Have the razor companies formed a cartel]( Given the fact that Gillette has a 70% share in razors, this becomes sort of an odd question. Gillette is a one-shop cartel, or basically as close to a monopoly as you can get in the U.S. However, their power comes not from crushing competition by undercutting them on price (as you've noted, razors cost a pretty penny) but by outcompeting/outspending them in advertising. They simply have more "mind"-share than other razors, and consumer behavior (which one could argue is totally irrational) simply shows that men are rather price insensitive when it comes to razors. In fact, that sort of price insensitivity extends to much of the toiletry and household goods space (think Crest, Kleenex, Tylenol, Dove, etc.). " "[Dollar Shave Club is a cool startup]( (I'm not affiliated) that is trying to bust open this market." "[- until Gillette sued.](" My my. Well, [here]( [are]( [a few]( articles about that. They're 2015. [This article]( is 2012. [On the DollarShaveClub YouTube video](, looks like people are piling on: "Since Gillette seems to hate men, happy to be here :D I hope you like my money more than they did." "No longer buying Gillette, screw Procter&Gamble!" "Get ready for an influx of sales" "just restored my sanity after gillette ad" "I though this ad was pure genius at selling your product but Gillette came up with even better way to promote your stuff." "Watch and learn, Gillette" "Hey look, no disgusting virtue signalling or insinuation that masculinity is toxic. HELLO, Dollar Shave Club!!!" I could go on, but I think you get the idea. All of these are a day old. Yeah, honestly, I think you're spot-on, boby: ***No sales effects whatsoever.***

-ED- Defends Socialism For this conversation/post: Yours Memo Cent Honest Weku Minds Steemit “You got too many videos, just don't have time to watch them.” That’s fine. They weren’t for you. I put “For this discussion” at the very beginning for a reason. Likewise, it was just meant as an exhaustive list of rebutting resources to show that there are, indeed, arguments for the free market. “What I can tell you is that with private ownership of everything, you always end up with society that benefits those people who own everything.” What I can tell you is that if you don’t define your terms, and don’t ask me what I mean by mine, such as “private ownership of everything”… we’ll probably talk past each other. I mean, exactly how do you defend that assertion? How isn’t the Common ownership of everything not going to result in The Tragedy Of The Commons? “This is what you have in Capitalism (and before it, in Feudalism, and before it, in Monarchy, and we still have monarchies) This is NOT a good system.” How do you define Capitalism? I’m willing to bet you $5 that your definition of Capitalism matches my definition of Corporatism, or is at least closer to it than The Free Market. Corporatism, AKA Crony Capitalism, AKA Mixed Market: A market of trade/exchange where there are both elements of people trading and exchanging goods and services freely, as well as elements of government intervention. If government (the notion of the necessity of rule enforced via actions) is manifest via the societal behaviors of a monopoly on force, especially by taxation (“official” people taking resources/money without regard for the consent of those whom they are taking such resources from), you end up with Barriers To Entry: Disagree? Then you should support Roger Ver’s project: “First of all, the whole planet and everything in it, is not created by any human, therefore no land or its natural resources should belong to any person or entity, it should belong to all of humanity, as well as wild life. We are part of the closed eco system as we all depend on one another.” Heard of the concept of Homesteading? I’d also like to point out that I also agree with the idea that the whole planet was not created by any one human, and this is where my thinking - to many anarchists - looks rather communistic, even though it isn’t, but that’s a topic for another time. Ironically, the idea that natural resources “should belong to all of humanity”… is literally the classic Tragedy Of The Commons issue. Do you disagree? Why? The next few paragraphs are just iterations of the idea of corporatism, culminating in your use of the label Free Market Capitalism, in my opinion, extremely inappropriately: “This type of system is called Free Market Capitalism, the term FREE doesn't mean freedom for the people, which sounds nice, it means freedom for the capitalists, to do as they want, with their hands untied, because without any government/law regulations they can do as they please, and that is exactly what they want and what they did.” Likewise, given that you’ve included Free Market in your conflation of terms, I rescind my $5 bet. We need to bridge some serious conceptual gaps via conversation. In a free market, people can’t just do as they please. If companies do a shitty job, they go bankrupt because customers stop buying from them. What you’re talking about is only possible with corporotocracy/corporatism/crony capitalism/mixed markets. Corporations are legal entities of the government, after all. Without government, they wouldn’t exist. “This is why we need an economic system, which is system of production which is in the interest of the workers,” How about a system where the worker and producer are one in the same? Why focus on only one side of the issue? What’s in it for the person hiring the worker? What if the worker could be hiring other workers? What if the apparent class divide was the result of government brainwashing and indoctrination, where you and others advocate for your and my enslavement? “Work should be rewarded and not ownership. me buying out an established busin

I just found a new site: Cent. Check out my first post:

Interesting how this site seems to function like both and, where you can select settings like "Only sponsors", and can't edit those settings after you make a post.

-This post is to testi the length limit of bitbacker text length -My test of this text on keyport in first comment. Test: My First Edivlog: Consolidating Decentrilization Cash Techniques Beware Cash App Scam How To Use Cash App and Review ($5 Promo Code) How To Use Cash App by Square Review (With $5 Promo Code) Why You Should NOT Use Venmo! | $3,000 STOLEN!!! Square Cash vs Venmo vs PayPal: The best money transfer apps! Venmo vs. Cash App | Which App Is The Ultimate Payment Solution? Venmo / Square Cash / Google Wallet | Which is best?! PayPal Vs. Venmo -Use This FREE Service to Pay Friends and Family (Square Cash) | Tech Tip Thursday - Venmo vs. PayPal vs. Square: apps for paying friends Money transfer app 'Venmo': How safe is it? LBRY “Subscriptions 101 You just subscribed to your first channel. Awesome! A few quick things to know: 1) This app will automatically download new free content from channels you are subscribed to. 2) If we have your email address, we may send you notifications and rewards related to new content.” “Want to comment? Your support has been added. You will be notified when comments are available.” Juanita’s Karatbar referral link Square Cashed In 7M Users For Cash App “The app generates revenue by charging customers a 1 percent fee to access same-day withdrawal of the money they’ve received (if they don’t want to pay the fee, they will get the money the next business day). The app also makes money by allowing businesses to accept customer payments through the app.” For Cash App Support Message FAZE CENSOR BREAKS UP WITH YANET GARCIA To Focus on CALL OF DUTY?!! My Venmo Card Review Does Venmo Report to the IRS? Starbucks Has Censored Me for Mocking Them This Is Venmo's Secret Sauce | Fortune How to Get Payment From Clients - Paypal, Venmo and Invoicing by Harvest Full video: Venmo's Chief Operating Officer Mike Vaughan| Code Commerce Fall 2017 The PERFECT Editing Software For Beginners! (Apple iMovie vs. Premiere Rush CC) #132 | Patreon Bans Sargon, France Riots, Kevin Hart Booted From the Oscars | Beauty & the Beta My Call With Patreon’s Jacqueline Hart | Yes, It’s a Total Disaster (Transcript Included) Behind the Deplatforming | Tim Squirrell, the Self-Appointed Content Cop and Gatekeeper #133 | Border Wall or Gov. Shutdown, Google Hearing, YT Rewind's Dislike Record | Beauty & the Beta Why I Refuse To Use PATREON ]Lauren Southern and Dave Rubin: Milo, Immigration, and Violent Protests (Full Interview) Comedy in the Age of Political Correctness (Owen Benjamin Interview) Patreon CEO Jack Conte: Lauren Southern, IGD, and Free Speech (Live Interview) Sam Harris and Dave Rubin Talk Religion, Politics, Free Speech (Full Interview) Sam Harris Drops Patreon - Other Creators Follow Patreon + PayPal = Antitrust Violation (I'm done) I'm Deleting Patreon | Info For Supporters | SubscribeStar Crypto News - Patreon Bans and Sam Harris, Tether, HTC Blockchain Phone Exodus 1, and Steemit Big Moves From Jordan Peterson and Sam Harris Could Take Crypto Mainstream! Addressing the Patreon Problem Patreon May Have Violated Anti Trust Laws In Sargon Debacle [bitbacker start, thank you, featuring this video again] Patreon News Gets Worse, User's Payout FROZEN W

Hi there. This is my first post on bitbacker. I like that it looks like I can simply type and then post. How are links handled? I got to here via as I've been doing research on The Pateron Debacle: What does "Only sponsors" mean?

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