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another place for you to support Greatest Hentai in the World. our goal is to be the single largest hentai blog on the net that uses 0 bots. that's right, all of this near industrial amount of anime tiddy is the product of one person doing everything from QC to upload. here, have our links

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  • Slowdown of Posts, and My Attempt to Save E-Hentai Content due to the impending full shut down of e-hentai, i will be taking the time to save as much as i can from the site. my top priority is the image set galleries, followed by the asian porn, and then game CGs. what this will mean for you is less posts now, but secured future content for decades to come. if you would wish to support this endeavor (it takes time, and the more donations i can get, the less shifts i'll need to take, meaning more time to save more content) a paypal link is available upon request. if enough can be made to cover the storage costs, i'll be able to add more categories to the archive if time permits. #nsfw #hentai #savethetiddy

  • alright. we are trying to get some money together for physical rewards. but here's the thing, we can't send prints out of canada, as they will get taken at the border. so if you are here, yay you. you get tiddy prints. if not, well fuck

  • shit get's deeper. my office has had 46 people quit over the past 2 months because we are not getting any shifts. at this point, i am barely able to pay rent. i've legit worked twice in 2 months, both last month. FML

  • right, so here's the issue: we no longer have the funds to keep the mediafire open. this means the links to the volumes are broken, and our anime encodes are not available either. the plan for now is to re open the mediafire for the volumes only as soon as we can, as for the encodes, we plan on opening a plex server asap. the problem is we simply don't have the funds for the hardware to do so. any help you guys give will go a long way, as it is, the anime will not be back for at least a year. sorry for the inconvenience this will cause.

  • okay, here is your monthly major update: Starting march 1st and lasting to the 31st of march we will be posting 4x the images. that's 4 images a post for 48 posts a day. that's a lot of tiddy, so please consider giving us a tip now that we have a working wallet again. all posts will be on Newtubl:

  • thanks to @japananon we now have another wallet set up. thanks dude. here is the link to the new page, cause pillowfort seems to have died on the vine: hope to see y'all soon

  • ok, so if you want to back me, until this shit is fixed with my wallet company you will have to use my subscribe star (found here: sorry for the continued inconvenience this is causing

  • suspending operations i will by pausing operations here a bit, as the service i was using is now defrauding it's users, and all the others in my nation require a photo id to be scanned to them (i do *not* feel safe doing this). sorry for the inconvenience this may cause.

  • this link leads to all the volumes currently posted online. free, enjoy

  • figured i would do some let's plays with the mods of my server, so here's the first episode:

  • now posts have the source work, and artist, whenever possible. sadly, a lot of what gets posted predates all the sourcing sites i know of. newer stuff on the twitter/mastodon/minds almost always has a source now.

  • i'm going to be posting links to all our blog posts here in 150 image volumes. (everything from 2016, 2017, and 2018 will be single massive volumes)

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  • Aerarium Populi Romani $1 a month

    you get 1 volume early and a discord role (grants you the right to join in on let's plays)

  • Aerarium Sanctius $5 a month

    same as the last tier, but you also get 2 volumes early a month

  • Aerarium Militare $10 a month

    same as above, but you get 4 volumes a month

  • Tribuni Aerarii $20 a month

    seeing the pattern yet? 8 volumes a month

  • Publicum $40 a month

    at this point, you must really like me. 16 volumes for you!