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The Did You Know Crypto Podcast is dedicated to bringing the latest information in the Bitcoin space through interviews with though leaders, founders, economists and average users. I want to bring information and topics that are useful for both those newest to the space and those who have been here for years. I appreciate any help you can give, your making a huge difference in allowing me to pursue this podcast!

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  • 🎙NEW EPISODE🎙 😡WHERE I MESSED UP IN BITCOIN💡 Today I talk about the mistakes that I have made in this space and the money I have lost. There is no substitution for experience and knowledge and I have learned so much in this journey, but most of my learning has come from the previously private and now public mistakes that I have made. I hope that this helps others to recognize where they have gone wrong and to learn from it as I have. in this episode I talk about… 👉Losing money 👉Not trusting my gut 👉How I realized I’m not a Trader 👉What is Bitcoin 👉Bitcoin not Blockchain 👉Utter Crap in this space Get every episode, blog and more at... 👉 👈 🎧LISTEN ON🎧 🎵 ITUNES 🎵 SPOTIFY 🎵 SOUNDCLOUD 🎵STITCHER 🎵GOOGLE PLAY 🎥YOUTUBE

  • 🎙NEW EPISODE COMING MONDAY🎙 Recorded a new episode with Marco Peereboom of the DECRED project to talk about what DECRED is and what it aims to accomplish. This was something that i got interested in after my interview with Murad Mahmudov and he had mentioned it was the one project outside of Bitcoin that he was interested in. After doing research and talking to Marco i am even more interested in the project and prompted me to buy some Decred. This has been the only non Bitcoin crypto purchase that i have made since 2017. Episode drops Monday Get every episode, blog and more at... 👉 👈 🎧LISTEN ON🎧 🎵 ITUNES 🎵 SPOTIFY 🎵 SOUNDCLOUD 🎵STITCHER 🎵GOOGLE PLAY

  • 🎙NEW PODCAST🎙 In this episode I talk to Andrew Glidden Law Student at University of Berkeley School of Law and co-author of a paper for the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance. I came into contact with Andrew because he had responded to a tweet by Nic Carter that I initially found to be quite inflammatory due to its seeming disrespect for property rights. This conversations and thousands just like it are extremely important to be having now. We need to have the hard discussions now and not later; to tackle the hard questions long before they ever become catastrophic. Andrew & I talk about… His background How he discovered Bitcoin The Problems Bitcoin faces What if the Fee Market doesn’t work? Killing Ancient Coins Implications this could have on the community Get every episode, blog and more at... 👉 👈 🎧LISTEN ON🎧 🎵 ITUNES 🎵 SPOTIFY 🎵 SOUNDCLOUD 🎵STITCHER 🎵GOOGLE PLAY 🎥YOUTUBE

  • 🎙NEW PODCAST🎙 My latest Episode is about Namecoin, the worlds first Altcoin. It was an interesting project and one with great ideals; Namecoin sought to create a decetnralized DNS to end censorship on the web. Namecoins technical issues arent necessarily the problem, their issue was one of being developer centric. This can be a fine thing if you are creating products for developers, but since 99% of the world isnt one that mindset is terrible if you are trying to create adoption of a product at a global scale Get every episode, blog and more at... 👉👈 🎧LISTEN ON🎧 🎵 ITUNES 🎵 SPOTIFY 🎵 SOUNDCLOUD 🎵STITCHER 🎵GOOGLE PLAY 🎥YOUTUBE

  • 🎙NEW PODCAST INTERVIEW🎙 Recorded a great interview with Emily Coleman, Chief Marketing officer with SHAPESHIFT.IO. We talk about a variety of topics including something that i think has been missing from the Bitcoin space, Marketing and UX. Emily and I are sympatico on this subject that marketing is nothing more than story telling, if your not telling a story youre not convincing anyone of the correctness of your position. Stories are what give people emotional buy in to your product, service or belief. We need to find the story that will give Bitcoin its next leap. This episode will be live on Monday, February 4, 2019 Get every episode, blog and more at... 👉👈 🎧LISTEN ON🎧 🎵 ITUNES 🎵 SPOTIFY 🎵 SOUNDCLOUD 🎵STITCHER 🎵GOOGLE PLAY

  • bitcoinpodcast – 0 minutes ago Episode 22 with Economist, Prof. William Luther on the question of whether Bitcoin is money and a in depth look at what money is and how it affects everything in society Get every episode, blog and more at... 👉👈 🎧LISTEN ON🎧 🎵 ITUNES 🎵 SPOTIFY 🎵 SOUNDCLOUD 🎵STITCHER 🎵GOOGLE PLA Y 🎵YOUTUBE

  • Weekly Crypto Recap w/ Naomi Brockwell and Chris Karabats of Smart Cash!

  • Going Live with Naomi Brockwell and Christ Karabats of SmartCash on NBTV at 9pm EST

  • Looking forward to interviewing Michelle O'Connor , VP of Community and Communications for UPHOLD Tomorrow.

  • Luke Mulks Head of Business Development for the Brave Browser and the Basic Attention Token, symbiotic projects seeking to redefine how users, content creators and publishers interact on the internet. 👉👈 🎧LISTEN ON🎧 🎵 ITUNES 🎵 SPOTIFY 🎵 SOUNDCLOUD 🎵 STITCHER 🎵GOOGLE PLAY

  • Upcoming Interviews to look forward to! Andrew Yang - In Defense of Litecoin Emily Coleman - On Prof. Will Luther - Is Bitcoin Money? Christopher Bendiksen - Is there a Bitcoin Energy problem? Luke Mulks - Lead developer of the BAT/Brave Browser Very exciting stuff!!

  • I am deleting the old Did You Know Crypto Podcast BitBacker page and will use this now :)

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