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Indigenous Jewish Rights Activist & resettler living in Tel Aviv. Exec Producer, No Agenda Show. Pronouns: Dr/Sir/Student. I'm currently trying to figure out the best way I can to explain how to back content creators with crypto. The problem isn't that it can't be done: the problem is so much choice! I'm a relative newbie to Crypto, which is exactly why I need to figure this out for others.

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  • From Friday I discuss how Tommy Robinson’s team has set up a Telegram channel in the wake of him being shut down on Snapchat. Telegram has a strong track record of proving resistant to State Censorship. Despite its founders being Russian, they’ve fought a battle with Russia because they refuse to institute systems that would allow the Russian government to read users’ encrypted communications.

  • Podcast asks what is a Zionist and why does Tommy Robinson identify with being a Zionist?

  • Podcast asks why the total UK mainstream media black out on Tommy Robinson’s explosive Panorama expose videos Tommy Robinson has caught the BBC’s premiere, flagship investigative news program, Panorama, trying to fabricate a hit piece on him. In reply he has set them up: they came to interview him and he turned the tables on them. He will reveal all his footage on February 23rd on a giant screen outside their offices in Manchester, for now he’s releasing little snippets.

  • What do you think of my new site? I need to find a Wordpress theme I like, but for now this will do.

  • Thanks for being here with #SmartCash!

  • This morning's video tried to explain why Crypto will be the way to exchange value for value with creators.

  • I'm currently trying to figure out the best way I can to explain how to back content creators with crypto. The problem isn't that it can't be done: the problem is so much choice! I'm a relative newbie to Crypto, which is exactly why I need to figure this out for others. Any crypto I'm sent now will be used for testing and checking and moving things around to learn.

  • My chat from the other day about the Wall/Fence in Israel. How and why it is a fence in some places and a wall elsewhere.!/v/brianoflondon/sfghu66x

  • I had pledged to two people but I had also expected to be able to buy some crypto in the UK in a relatively short amount of time. I didn't manage to yet but I will in the next few days, then I'll send some crypto.

  • Update: Coinbase rejected my initial incoming deposit because my UK bank account is a joint account with my wife so when the transfer was made it must have abbreviated my first name. Nowhere in their sign up process did they ask or give room for me to tell them it was a joint account or the specific text that would come through on a bank transfer. Oh well... looks like I'm in the final stages of having Kraken open my account. I guess Crypto is such a fast growing industry that nobody cares about losing customers to competition.

  • My attempted use: transfer around £1000 from the UK to equivalent value ₪ NIS in Israel completely in compliance with all tax regs and not trying to hide anything. Coinbase: went through the verification process, transferred £2 from my UK Bank Account. Got a cryptic email saying I can't be verified because despite having a UK Bank, I'm not resident there. Moved to Bitstamp. Went through the verification process there which wasn't too tricky. Got to the end and realised they can't accept a direct UKP£ transfer from a UK Bank, they want a Euro deposit. I'm trying to AVOID international currency entanglements! Back to Kraken. Their email loop REFUSES to send email to my mail server. They never make a connection. OK, give up, give my old Gmail account. Bang, verification email in seconds. Read the rest:

  • Added a #smartcash address. Whoooo. Still waiting for an account to open in the UK. Coinbase is dead, Kraken's email loop doesn't work for me and I'm just waiting to confirm Bitstamp's residency rules.

  • I have 0.02 BitCash. What on earth am I suppose to do with it... I looked at a "simple" explanation of the fork instructions. These people are insane.

  • CoinBase rejected my UK account because I'm not resident in the UK. I've now tried to register with Kraken whose site claims they don't care as long as you're not in Iran, Nork, Japan or a few other places. However, Kraken's email loop on sign up isn't working for me and I really pretty much know it must be their problem because I run my own mail server and I can see there is nothing hitting the back end! If it is so hard to buy bitcoin in one country and send to oneself in another I've got to say crypto is not proving itself to have much point in my life.

  • I’ve just decided to use this as a place to document the process of getting up and running to be able to use Crypto to send money from my own bank account in the UK to my own bank account in Israel. Both accounts are held in full compliance with all local laws and regulations. I set up my UK CoinBase account at 20:33 17th Dec. It's now 20th Dec and I'm still waiting for them to verify the £2 transfer I made at that time. 18th, 19th were working days in the UK, perhaps today. At the Israeli side the link to my Israeli bank was confirmed on 18th Dec. Next day. And I didn't have to make a transfer.

  • I’m now still waiting for CoinBase to see the £2 transfer from my UK bank so I can set up and go. I think I’m going to try and screen record the process of buying and sending crypto. If it weren’t for all the Know Your Customer anti-money-laundering rules this would all be a ton easier but that’s the world we live in.

  • So far last night I set up a Coinbase account in the UK (where I have a real bank account) and I set up a in Israel (where I also have a personal bank account). The Israeli site is ready and I’m just waiting for the £2 transfer to Coinbase to complete. Then I’m planning to send £500 via bitcoin to myself in Israel and £500 from my NatWest bank account direct to my Israeli bank. I’m really curious as to the costs and speed. Bitcoin option should be way quicker. The issue for me, and the reason this is still a toy: for business I send $50k to $150k to USA every week or two. Last weekend HSBC, after 10 years, just arbitrarily shut my bank account. I’m hoping to have an alternative one set up but I still don’t think I can regularly transfer these sums via crypto. If someone knows different, let me know! Brian

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