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I am an animator and indie game developer.

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  • A rough colour sketch for this character. It is a long way from a finished work but as I have a long way to go in terms of the project as a whole I will leave it in this state for now.

  • This a time-lapse of a system I have been working on in order to allow me to layout levels more quickly. I need to get buildings to a workable state quickly so that I can work on game-play, environment as story elements. This system is based on creating rough floor plans lo allow me to quickly generate the geometry based off image maps. The system is hardly revolutionary but it does allow you to get scene elements of the correct scale (especially buildings) very quickly. #devlog #modelling #game #timelapse

  • This a very rough character sketch. I have not been doing enough work on my digital painting and it shows it also serves as a lesson as to why one should use reference as there are a lot of things wrong with it. The main point however is not to make a good drawing but to develop characters and their emotions and moods in order to construct the game world and story. In this case quantity is far more important than quality as I will choose the works I need to develop as I get further into the project. At the moment I am doing too little and I need to step it up a bit.

  • In another devlog that aproaches eing a tutorial I cover the modelling of the basic stairs. these will be used to block out basic levels and the geometry will later be swapped out with a more detailed version. #devlog #houdini #game

  • A time-lapse of the me modelling of the basic character.

  • I have a small update on my steemit blog.

  • This has taken a lot longer to put up than I it should have. I got distracted by a quite a few things chief among them was the substance acquisition. That said here is the outline of the control rig prototype

  • This is just a short update I have finished nowhere near as much work as I would have liked to this week.

  • The basic camera is now set up (apart from tweaks and optimizations. I have also modeled the stand-in model for the bows.

  • A time-lapse of the modeling of stand-in clothing assets. This will allow me to start working on inventory and ans character setup.

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