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I was born to an unwed teenage mother. Spent 5 months in foster care. Where I endured some kind of abuse. I suspect this how I ended up with 20/900+ vision. I was then adopted by what appeared to be the perfect couple. Then after a few years. The abuses and tortures began by the adopted mother. Tested with an IQ of about 70. This ended my education before it even began in the first grade. I've been taking care of myself since about 8 years old. Then back into Foster care. Where my first night was in juvenile jail, My only crime was being adopted by bad parents. Endured other various kinds of abuse by shelter and foster families. I began a journey of self discovery early in my adulthood. The realization of certain spooky things which seem to benefit me from time to time or not benefit me. Which all seem to involve the various gifts of the spirit and mind. This is when I became a Christian. Although the change from a bad man to a good person took more than a decade. The change is still ongoing. So, to is my growth in wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Early in 2012 I achieved 2000 quotes written and I stopped counting. Ive been married to one wife for 28+years now and all of our children are genetically ours. That's my dime. Briggs Myers Type test Results "INFJ" john


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