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**UPDATE** PLEASE HELP READ AND CRITIQUE THIS NEW WHITEPAPER - First section is posted, following sections require subscription (keep out the tyre-kickers) Hi, my friends in China know me as "DaLong" or "Blockchain Bethune", and in North America and Europe as "SustainaClaus"... WHY? Because from the early days of crypto, I concentrated on developing the "Social Side" of the blockchain and contributing to the Fintech for Good side, not "playing" the market or participating in ICO's but instead concentrating on developing the Blockchain Republic Of Conscience. NOW the time has arrived for the "social side" of the blockchain to flourish... the world is entering a Social and Economic and Environmental crisis and WE NEED YOU to be part of the team to support the REVOLUTION. CRI BIO: ConscienceLAND platform funding the SDG's - UNICEF Innovation Fund

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  • If you are interested in the rapid development of this huge project in the blockchain space, please subscribe, as I will post drafts of the rest of the whitepaper (under development) for supporting citizens... Caring Currency: A Peer-to-Peer Reputation Credit System “What were you doing when the SHTF?” We’ve passed the threshold and humanity needs to focus on what’s important. The 17+1 SDG’s are the commonly accepted global roadmap we have to avert extinction. Unlike popular whitepaper's before it, this document outlines a humanity-focused, open-source platform consortium model of blockchain technology closest to Satoshi’s original vision. We can change our trajectory if we actually shift away from the centralized control of fiat money and instead promote community, real natural values, peer-to-peer transactions on the basis of actual problem solving and a system of validating and trading on reputation. This document will introduce the participants of the Republic Of Conscience and the multiple blockchains, systems and contributors to ConscienceLAND. Noting that the spirit (and physical sign) of the SDGtoken has already made it to the top of the world, now is the opportunity for us to “wake-up to the reality” and get to work - becoming Part Of the Solution (POS) and recognized and rewarded with Caring Currency. Our timeline is compressed. We need to solve the SDG’s before 2030, our children and our Lifestyle Of Health Happiness And Sustainability (LOHHAS) depends on it. The opportunities to change and redistribute wealth based on new or reworked systems, products and philosophies is enormous. We can’t wait. Let’s turn surveillance capitalism on it’s head. Treat the planet as ONE. Solve the SDG’s, harmonize humanity and nature, earn Universal Social Credit, enjoy the support of Universal Social Benefit and retire early and comfortably with a self-sovereign, self-generated Universal Basic Income. Tl;Dr No promised lambos, no llama’s or unicorns, no moon. Only reality. Your physical, economic and spiritual participation in creating the Republic Of Conscience will earn you Caring Currency including the SDGtoken and many other benefits. Independence from the violence, chaos and the control of the current system is your choice. The information contained here is probably not interesting to conformists or the weak-minded. What is described in this paper requires courage in adopting a Lifestyle Of Voluntary Effort including attitudinal and lifestyle change. Here’s the basic question you need to ask yourself (and others) ‘ “What is my ‘V2S’, - What is my ‘Value to Society’?” ConscienceLAND and citizens of the Republic Of Conscience want to help you answer positively. (Please become a citizen of ConscienceLAND and subscribe)

  • ARE YOU IN THE BLOCKCHAIN / CRYPTO "Industry"? or ARE YOU SIMPLY INTERESTED IN SOCIAL JUSTICE / CLIMATE CRISIS / LOW CARBON ECONOMY? I've been writing about the amazing opportunities to be part of the new "Social Blockchain" movement of ConscienceLAND, the PLOTTING GAME, EARTHmobilization and ExtinctionSolution and how it’s changing your world and creating amazing opportunities for wealth creation - But I haven't seen any "FEEDBACK / ACTION / INTEREST / MOVEMENT / ACTIVITY" here... pretty much nothing on my Bitbacker account - so I totally forgot about this site - If you are interested in hearing more, make some kind of action on the page (following / comment?) so I know if I should invest any effort here.. (^_^) Cheeers, SustainaClaus #climatechange #climatecrisis #climatebreakdown #sdgs #sustainaclaus #extinctionrebellion #conscienceland

  • I left a message on Jordan Peterson's live blog... he's moving away from Patreon to

  • Hello_\!/ who wants to REALLY change the world for the better... let me share with you how I think we can do it, together_\!/

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    Welcome to ConscienceLAND - you are now officially "Part Of the Solution" helping create "the promised land" of blockchain goodness. At this basic level, you are simply joining the EarthMobilization community and getting early access to the starter kits as well as opportunities to become a Coach and Ambassador.