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Hi, my friends in China know me as "DaLong" or "Blockchain Bethune", and in North America and Europe as "SustainaClaus"... WHY? Because from the early days of crypto, I concentrated on developing the "Social Side" of the blockchain and contributing to the Fintech for Good side, not "playing" the market or participating in ICO's but instead concentrating on developing the Blockchain Republic Of Conscience. NOW the time has arrived for the "social side" of the blockchain to flourish... the world is entering a Social and Economic and Environmental crisis and WE NEED YOU to be part of the team to support the REVOLUTION. CRI BIO: ConscienceLAND platform funding the SDG's - UNICEF Innovation Fund

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  • I left a message on Jordan Peterson's live blog... he's moving away from Patreon to

  • Hello_\!/ who wants to REALLY change the world for the better... let me share with you how I think we can do it, together_\!/

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    Welcome to ConscienceLAND - you are now officially "Part Of the Solution" helping create "the promised land" of blockchain goodness. At this basic level, you are simply joining the EarthMobilization community and getting early access to the starter kits as well as opportunities to become a Coach and Ambassador.