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Want to support the work of Derrick Broze and The Conscious Resistance Network? Want to do it using cryptocurrency?? Please sign up here! Hello friends! My name is Derrick Broze. I am a freelance investigative journalist and activist from Houston, Texas. I produce videos for The Conscious Resistance Network. I also founded The Houston Free Thinkers activist community and worked with them from 2010-2018. I have written for Activist Post, The Anti-Media, Mint Press News, and Ben Swann's Truth In Media. My work has also appeared on RT, Al Jazeera, and many more publications. HOWEVER, due to the 2018 attack on independent media, I NO LONGER HAVE WRITING GIGS! You can help me by signing up to be a monthly contributor. Supporting my account means you want to help spread the message of non-aggression, empowerment, awareness, localization, and decentralization. We are moving our focus to the creation of mini-documentaries. We believe by moving towards this type of content we will be able to reach many more people. These films take anywhere from 10- 40 hours of research and just as many hours editing and producing them. As a supporter your contribution will go towards paying our video editor, Jeremy Martin. In addition, you will get access to my articles, essays, interviews, podcasts, and reports 1 day in advance . Thanks for the support! - Derrick Broze

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