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  • Truths about Bitcoin: 1BTC = 1 BTC, regardless of the price. It can't be stopped. Throughout human history, governments have always faced the dilemma which Bitcoin proffers - namely you can either ban something and drive it underground or legalise and regulate it. Not your keys, not your car. Same applies to bitcoin. If you don't have the password keys, someone else can steal it. Not your keys, not your crypto. NYKNYC. You don't own Bitcoin. You own cryptographic keys to a portion of the Bitcoin blockchain. These keys allow you to make transactions with your bitcoin; to send or sell. There's nothing anonymous about Bitcoin transactions. If you buy illegal shit with money, you'll eventually get caught. Same with Bitcoin. And if you want to launder money, resign yourself to living in the Cayman Islands and always watching over your shoulder. Speculate, don't invest. Although I see Bitcoin as an alternative to stock market investments, it's essentially the riskiest asset to gamble your life savings on. Don't throw down more than 10% of your disposable income on this baby. Bitcoin has a life of its own. No one owns Bitcoin, only parts of its blockchain. There's no head office, no CEO to hang, draw and quarter, no arbitrator except indelible record keeping. Math laws can be bent but not broken. Bitcoin uses the universal language of maths. Bitcoin's fundamental value is based on mathematical computations. Basically it's a network of computers solving maths problems in exchange for coins. Bitcoin was invented to stop financial corruption. As yet, it is still a pipe dream, but as bad as it is, it's better than what we've got. Bitcoin is evolution, not revolution. It's a digital currency that boasts permissionless, decentralised, fungible currency. It doesn't try to destroy banks. It just offers are more honest currency. A tulip is a flower, muppets. Bitcoin, on the other hand, is computer code that solves the double-spend currency problem through a cryptographic third-party machine. In code we trust.

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