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DetDisp is a group of a few people who are like minded in their interest in firearms and their advocacy for both free speech and the means of self protection. We believe in the educational, political, and societal benefits that CAD data pertaining to firearms offers, and want to share our work thus far as well as pursue further projects. We started as a sort of fan group of Defense Distributed, but after Cody Wilson challenged us to fix Defense Distributed's AR15 model, we became something much more effective than a fan group. Many of the projects we are looking forward to can be expedited by your funding. No obligation, we won't paywall anything, no early releases for donors (unless that's something that everyone wants), we just want a way to let the community get involved in the development if they'd like. Much of our announcements will come via @Ivanthetroll12 on Twitter - but we'll try and mirror important stuff and will definitely mirror releases here.

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  • Cybernaut $5 a month

    Ivan's everlasting love and gratitude. Also, feel free to comment about what it is you'd like to see worked on, and we'll see what we can do!

  • Cybernaut With Bittorrent Protocol $10 a month

    More say in what we focus out time/energy/money on. Also more everlasting love/gratitude.

  • Fully Semi-Automatic Cybernaut With Bitorrent Protocol And 30 Caliber Ghost Clip $15 a month

    Obviously, even more say in what we work towards. If you'd like an Easter Egg or funny item dropped in a video/tutorial/tweet/picture, we'd be happy to oblige. Ivan will drink a glass of Koolaid in your choice of flavor and review said flavor.

  • Diabolical Accelerationist $50 a month

    Drench gun control with your fuel and we will set it on fire and the world will watch it being burned to a crisp.