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Distant Signal is an online channel created by Phil Abatecola. DS is dedicated to creating films by leveraging distributed technology and cryptocurrency. Right now, DS is using these technologies and YouTube to build my short, horror film, Changelings, and through that process, show other filmmakers and artists how it can be done... if at all. After deleting Patreon, my three main tools are YouTube, Steem, LBRY and BitBacker. As filmmakers & artists we should be supporting platforms that are designed to empower us and protect free speech & expression. Cryptocurrency, BitBacker and Steem are still in their infancy but stand to revolutionize the relationship between artist and patrons and protect them from malevolent forces. Also, we own our data and deserve to share in its value. Being able to chat with someone and share data isn’t a novel idea on the internet anymore, but sharing in its value is. As filmmakers and artists, it’s in our interest to invest in platforms that invest back, and I believe blockchain technology can help return some of that value.

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  • $ Gab recently joined the Bitcoin train, which is great, but it’s not going to be enough to save them. Bitcoin is too centralized and dependent upon exchanges, the point in the system that can be controlled. Speech and art are under threat. Free speech should be defended with the medium and the money that undergirds that medium. I’m astonished at the feverish support of financial and technological banishment people are receiving at the hands of banking and tech companies, even with those I find abhorrent. The Internet is the new printing press and its power will be stripped from anyone deemed unworthy, which is why I’m so glad Steem exists. I might not like some of the people on the Steem network, but they should be free to say what they want. The same goes for Gab as a network. It’s their platform, and if the censors who are taking it down for the crime of allowing anyone to say what they want on their network, how long before they come for Steem for its censorship resistance? How long until our little community, in our tiny corner of the world is attacked for allowing others to be free.

Just published my first video pushing BitBacker as the new crowdfunding source for creators and how I'm going to be documenting the making of my short film using distributed media and crypto. Check it out!

This is my first post on BitBacker! This is a great start to something I hope takes off. New video coming out today about bridging the gap between filmmaking and crypto using the production of my short film Changelings as the vehicle.

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