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This is a forum where I can help folks reduce their dependency on fiat currency and corporations. I hope to use this space to share with Mobile phone users, how best to begin learning about how to USE Decentralized Blockchain Solutions. Your contributions help me teach others how to use Blockchain Solutions, most of it I will probably give away, Thanx! You can find me on EOS (Murmur, Karma) @lotusdogpham and always Telegram me questions at You can also if you wish to support this work with fiat currency. At the Ernest All Included Project we Beta Test Blockchain applications as applied in the fields of Permaculture, Mutual Aid Disaster Relief, Bio-Regional Social Media Networks, Climate Change Adaptation & Resiliency, Local Food Systems, Crowd Funding, and Community Volunteerism. We are currently testing mobile use cases from Southern Oregon for Discord,, BitBacker, BitCoin, Smartcash, Dash, Dignity Ingot, and EOS (Karma, Murmur, Scatter, more to come).

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