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This is a forum where I can help folks reduce their dependency on fiat currency and corporations. I hope to use this space to share with Mobile phone users, how best to begin learning about how to USE Decentralized Blockchain Solutions. Your contributions help me teach others how to use Blockchain Solutions, most of it I will probably give away, Thanx! You can find me on EOS (Murmur, Karma) @lotusdogpham and always Telegram me questions at You can also if you wish to support this work with fiat currency. At the Ernest All Included Project we Beta Test Blockchain applications as applied in the fields of Permaculture, Mutual Aid Disaster Relief, Bio-Regional Social Media Networks, Climate Change Adaptation & Resiliency, Local Food Systems, Crowd Funding, and Community Volunteerism. We are currently testing mobile use cases from Southern Oregon for Discord,, BitBacker, BitCoin, Smartcash, Dash, Dignity Ingot, and EOS (Karma, Murmur, Scatter, more to come). Read about the DAO for Beta Testers here

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  • Folks ask me "So what can I DO, with crypto?" Here is one new innovation. I am a Constitutional Member of the eosDAC. A DAC, in this case, is a Decentralized Autonomous Community. It uses Proof of Stake and tokenomics to Self Govern as a Community. One of the things we DO as a community is participate as a team in BOID. Via the BOID app we pool together small amounts of computer resources to accomplish Citizen Science initiatives/research that requires super computing resources. BOID has its own crypto rewards and is a Social Supercomputer. As a team we provide resources to researchers in Medicine, Climatology, Astronomy, and Machine Learning. I generate a passive income and actively help to build the infrastructure that is providing important climate data to folks as the climate conditions rapidly change. Since I am completeing as a Team, with my eosDAC, as a team we earn additional rewards based on our collective performance. What is #eosdac ? What is BOID and Social Computing? My Boid Profile Https:// eosDAC Profile Help support my work and tell me what you would like to know more about.

  • Finally getting around to update my research and decided to store the research in a #dao So this research data is the beginning of a Decentralized Autonomous Cooperative. Any one that wants to cooperate in Beta Testing Artificial Intelligence Applications and Decentralized Blockchain Solutions is welcome. Any one who wishes to incentivise or educate the DAC is free to do so as well. So here we go the First Draft of the Public Record of the creation of the "Decentralized Autonomous Cooperative of Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence Beta Testers" You can learn more about me and learn what a Decentralized Autonomous Organization is by participating in a much more organized DAO like EOSDac, I don't quite have this figured out in regards to my account, but feel free to tip me BTC anytime via the Lightning Network if something I can provide is useful. And always feel free to hit me up for questions via Telegram If you would like to send me EOS my name is "lotusdogpham" and I would love to receive some PAI or EFX, (ask me for my address in the telegram channel) so that I may begin developing a Community Supported Agricultural AI Assistant to assist Regenerative Farmers in supplying transparently healthy food directly to local consumers and assist Conscious Consumers in eating healthier, more local, fresh and seasonal food; in relationship with the food-sheds the farmer and the consumer live within. I am available via Failbook, but beware, I will either be completely off of Failbook in 2 years or they will be paying me to keep my account active!

  • Totally getting this #eos platform figured out, if anyone would like a personalized walk through feel free to schedule an appointment with me.

  • Just a run down of some of the interesting #permaculture related things that came across my virtual office this week.

  • Weekly Community Focused #eosvirtualzine for Jan 8th, 2019 - Jan 19th was updated today and shared over Murmur, an EOS Micro-Blogging Dapp. Hours of fun and several community viewpoints all compiled together. Hours of fun if you haven't seen the videos yet. The Great thing about a Playlist is you can watch several smaller videos all as one, without interruption. Feel free to hit me up on Murmur @lotusdogpham Where I share timely news on Climate Adaptation, Permaculture Design, National Cannabis News, Local Food Systems, as well as Indigenous and Community Sovereignty. In, case folks were wondering why I am learning about the blockchain and testing use cases for small groups. It is pretty simple, you can now buy food with CryptoCurrency, you can shop on Amazon, and it is finally at a point where I can Leap-Frog the normal Users learning curve and explain what a blockchain protocol is as it becomes part of society. I am available to help folks learn the basics pretty much any time of the day. I tend to keep things simple, but if you want a slow space to learn about things and not feel rushed just Join the Discussion here in Telegram.

  • This is the Main Research Document of the Earnest All Included Project. It Starts with some organizational introduction followed by a prioritized list of Decentralized Apps, Blockchains, News Sources, Baseline Comparison Applications. Each month about 10-20 new resource links will be identified for potential research as additional use cases become identified to test.

  • Here is My YouTube Channel, where I will begin sharing what I have learned as I have dived into Blockchain research. Most of my research comes from the videos in this playlist #ernestgoestoblockchain-this isn't a very sorted list but my hopes are that as I help more folks and identify and overcome folx barriers to entry, than a more usefully organized playlists will emerge based on peoples interests.

  • Just to let folks know they can always Telegram me directly at

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