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Voluntaryist, Residential Security Expert, Private Investigator, & Physical Security Professional.

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  • They just walked right in the front door. Please, for the sake of your safety and the safety of those you love, keep your damned doors locked and fully secured whether you're home or not.

  • I was watching a video about Child Protection Services yesterday. The former investigator warned people to talk to their children about CPS in advance. The reason is because CPS can go to a child's school and talk to them without the parent being informed. Make sure your children know to never talk to CPS, and make sure you never talk to them without an attorney present.

  • The average home has generic "builder's grade" locks on the doors. Those locks will be Master, Kwikset, or a similar brand. If you show someone your keys, even in an image online, they can easily see the key, determine the cuts, and get a duplicate made. A good example of how this happens is the common EDC (Every Day Carry) pocket dump photos people will share. Keep your keys out of the picture. They give away too much private information! I recommend people use Mul-T-Lock locks on their homes to avoid the key duplicating issue.

  • This guy was able to defend himself well because he had a LOADED rifle ready within his home. You should have the same. If you have children, keep the magazine out and chamber empty though. It only takes a couple seconds to load the rifle:

  • The Houston shooting should remind people to keep a military style magazine fed rifle ready within their home. Keep some body armor next to it too. If an intruder charges into your home shooting a gun, make sure they pay a heavy price for doing it.

  • Am I missing the edit option? If we have a error in our post, we cannot correct it? Is an option to edit a post something to come in the future?

  • A simple trick I have shared in the past is worth sharing again here. Close your blinds at night in the living area of your home, and then leave a small light on. Then people outside have no idea whether you're up or not through the night. It is a simple security trick to make your house a less likely target for a burglar. #residentialsecurity #homesecurity #physicalsecurity

  • I see debit/credit cards for BTC, but is there one for BCH?

  • If you use Ring, Blink, or other wireless security cameras that have an app and remote access, please keep in mind that the company you bought them from has access too. Never put them in places where you want privacy. Keep them in common areas if they are inside your home. In the article below, it has been discovered that Ring employees have been spying on their customers. Amazon owns Ring, and they also have Blink branded cameras. My house uses the Blink wireless devices. If employees have been spying on people through the Ring devices, they most likely are doing the same through the Blink ones.

  • Test Post: Peace of mind is a wonderful thing. A very high value is usually placed upon having it. I provide peace of mind to my friends and business associates through my residential security consulting. It isn't work to me either, for I am wired to be a protector. Where that comes from, I'll probably never fully understand. ### This post is not about what motivates me however; It's about a device to improve your residential security. --- <div class="center"><center><img src=""><br><em><a href="" rel="nofollow noopener">Source</a></em></center></div> A few weeks back I was speaking with a woman who lived alone in an apartment within a bad part of the city. She did not have peace of mind. Her nights were restless and interrupted by numerous unknown noises. It wasn't paranoia or her imagination either. Without a secure place to sleep, she was simply not resting well. Having a dog was also not an option. In a previous post, I discussed [window vibration alarms]( This week I would to introduce yet another simple, effective, and inexpensive layer of defense for your home. This device does not use a sticker to adhere to a window though. You'll need some basic hand tools. I used a drill, small drill bit, and a screw driver to secure mine to the railing.<div class="pull-right"><img src=""></div> To the right is what the [Doberman Security Motion Detector Alarm]( looks like installed at the top of my stair case. It has off, chime, and alarm settings, and it runs off a single 9 volt battery. The device uses an infrared sensor, and it perfectly sweeps the stairs as people walk up them. Small dogs or cats will not set it off. A large dog would however. ### If you have a large dog though, it should be sleeping in the bedroom with you as yet another layer of defense. --- Because it is at the very top of the stairs, you cannot see it from below. It is also very far out of reach by someone even if they did see it. I installed it in that location for a specific reason. At night my top floor is a separate security zone. It needs to have a higher level of security compared to the rest of my home because my children sleep in bedrooms opposite of mine.<div class="pull-left"><img src=""></div>While I'm sleeping, no one can walk up the stairs without setting off the alarm. The children can still get up to use the bathroom or come to my bedroom as well. While my wife is home alone during the day, she can take a shower, nap in bed, or simply read a book knowing the chime will go off if anyone walks up the stairs. The device, in other words, provides peace of mind. It acts as an additional layer of security, and it prevents a person from being caught off guard in their own home. Using devices like this one greatly improve your home's security. You'll sleep much better at night knowing it is there and always watching. --- --- You can purchase the units for as little as $15 dollars a piece on the main webpage or on Amazon. I am not affiliated with Doberman Security, and I benefit in no way from recommending their products. _No product will ever be recommended to you unless I've personally tested and used it too_. ### If I trust it, I know you can.

  • In the future I will be sharing residential security tips and physical security advice for home owners. To get things started, I will actually link to a post by my brother. The reason is because the beginning of home security is a three inch screw. It starts there but then never ends. Remember, you want layered security. The corporate world uses the concept, and you should too as a home owner. #residentialsecurity #homesecurity #locksmithing #physicalsecurity

  • I'm wondering if I should, and want to, invest some time here sharing residential security and physical security content. Changing sites all the time is draining though. How long will this one last?

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