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  • Just opened this account. Looks promising so far.

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  • One Dollar! $1 a month

    A short term goal I have is to by the components to build my own powerful computer, which would really open up my video making possibilities to things like heavy editing and live gaming, many more possibilities like that.

  • Two Dollars! $2 a month

    Twice the dollars, twice the fun.

  • Five Dollars! $5 a month

    Five times the dollars but, sorry, only three times the fun. Life's not fair.

  • Ten Dollars! $10 a month

    Congratulations! You've now reached 7.5 times the fun, near equality.

  • Twenty Big Ones! $20 a month

    At this level the goblin hordes have been driven back, and balance returns to Middle Earth. It's a bizillion times the fun, at least.