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Doing my part to speed up mass adoption by sending no-coiners free Bitcoin when they download a mobile wallet and send me their new address. No purchase required, no catch. I'm just de-mystifying Bitcoin in the same way we often see Andreas A do at the beginning of his talks. Send this url to the no-coiner(s) of your choice! Any Bitcoin sent to the address listed here will be to keep giving it away to newbies / no-coiners. Bcash donations are converted to fiat for expenses ($40ish so far for the urls - I also bought .net, .org, and .info to protect or expand the concept - and $14 per mo webhosting). If I can make giving away bitcoin my full-time work, all the better! If Bcash donations exceed expenses I want to look for ways to lecture publicly and use donations for travel and/or living expenses. I do currently work "a real job" full time.

  • $
  • Happy New Year everyone! Remember, mass adoption begins with you. "Resolve" to teach people about Bitcoin this year. Share my Top 10 (Videos & Podcasts) if you find it useful -

  • Soft launch of my still-under-construction Top 10 page. Comments welcome, and share if you find it useful for newbies.

  • Great to have you with SmartCash here!

  • annnnnd added a SmartCash addy. "Show me the mon- oh wait, it's all digital. Nobody can see it...

  • Updated my crappy Profile blurb, and launched a new concept today via a new url. I think you'll like it.

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